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Janet Jackson’s Song “No Sleeep” is Top 5 at Urban Adult, Article Stating Otherwise is Incorrect



According to Roger Friedman’s 411 site Janet Jackson’s single “No Sleeep” is not doing well at radio. This is not true. Janet Jackson’s song is actually doing quite well at Urban radio. It deputed at #35 on Urban Mainstream (Hip Hop & R&B) and at #16 on Urban Adult (R&B). It’s being played in every sized market including MAJOR markets, unlike Friedman stated, like NY, LA, Chicago, Miami, Atl, Philly, Detroit and more. The record is currently Top 5 at Urban Adult (R&B). The tour is selling out in several venues and is the hottest ticket right now. It’s not unusual for a record to be worked on one format first (urban) than for another format to pick it up from there (pop). The record was targeted to urban radio first. These stats are actually quite impressive for an artist who has been off the charts for eight years.

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