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James Rucker of ColorofChange.org States Van Jones has not been involved in Years. Glenn Becks attacks were "absurd"

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james_rucker.jpg" alt=" width="174" height="148" />The reality Beck’s attacks on Van

After we launched this campaign, some bloggers and reporters tried to discredit the effort by claiming that the White House or Van was somehow involved, or that we launched the campaign to protect Van. It’s an absurd accusation. Van hasn’t worked with ColorOfChange , and when we decided to launch the campaign we didn’t even know that Beck had attacked him. The reality is that we began our campaign for the same reason 175,000 of you have now joined it: called the president of the United States a “racist” who “has a deep seated hatred for White people,” which is part of a pattern of Beck using lies and distortions to race-bait and fear-monger.

As Beck started losing advertisers in response to our campaign, he went into full-scale attack mode on Van–exaggerating or distorting his record on 23 shows and devoting an entire segment to discrediting him. Beck presented his attacks on Van as honest journalistic inquiry, while dishonestly failing to mention that Van co-founded the group leading a successful advertiser boycott against him.

But Beck’s real goals were clear: Take down Van. Undermine the White House. Set the stage for his followers to say our campaign was about protecting Van. And of course, create a distraction from our campaign and the real reasons major companies are ditching Beck’s show.

The problem with Beck

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  1. TIME FOR ALL TO BOYCOTT FOX – BECK, HANNITY, O’REILLY, COULTRE, MURDOCK, LIMBAUGH – the hate and fear propagandists of the NeoConExtremists and fringe Right-Wing; Freedom of speech is one thing, hate and fear mongering by the GOP Fringes is not! Voice your opinion and anger with your congressman – your elected officials, the FCC and any sponsors of this programming.

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