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J Niice and Julian replace 20 year old Morning Show at WBBM

 width= Filed Under: I am a Å“Youthist!  Bring in the NEW blood ¦ New morning show at B96, Chicago – J Niice and Julian

 width=The great thing about PPM ¦. – Chicago radio is ready for a fresh and youthful change on the B96 morning show now that itâ„¢s been announced thta J Niice and Julian will replace 20 year industry vets Eddie & JoBo, who were pulled off WBBM-FM last month. J Niice (Jamar McNeil) and Julian Nieh had Å“the potential to work together in mornings  when they were each hired, says GM Peter Bowen. Now he says Å“theyâ„¢re ready.  (you think?) J Niice has been filling the morning vacancy since just before Thanksgiving. Heâ„¢d previously been doing middays and Julian was doing evenings, 7pm-midnight. No word from Bowen about the rest of wwwradiofactscom-eddie-and -jobothe schedule at WBBM-FM (96.3).

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