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Is Ray J Alive Today Because of Sophie Monk?

 width=Australian singer/actress/model Sophie Monk helped save ’s life recently when she pleaded with his crew to call an ambulance when she found him passed out in a bathroom.

Ray J was found seriously ill in his in after the Billboard Music Awards last month and  Sophie has revealed she was the person who urged him to seek help despite other people with him advising against it.

She told ‘s 2Day show: ”I could see it in him, something was up. He hadn’t drunk, nothing. None of that. He’s always with a lot of people so I texted and said, ‘Is he ?’ and they said, ‘No, he’s sick.’ I came in and he was, like, so ill. I probably looked after him for about six hours and then I had to go down to the Sugar Factory and do this press thing.

”I was about to head off to the airport and I thought I’d check on him once more. I knocked on the door and they were all sitting and left him to himself in the bathroom. I went in, knocked on the door and he wasn’t breathing. Then he started breathing a and then I said, ‘Guys you’ve got to call an ambulance.’ I swore. And they said, ‘What about the press?’ And I said, ‘What about the press if he ?’ And then I said, ‘You’re not going to die, you’re not going to die’.  ”So they called the doctor up and I told the doctor, ‘Call an ambulance now, I’m not risking it.’ He had a blood clot in his lung. I think they think us are superheroes.”

Despite Sophie’s claims, Ray J was found not to have a blood clot but was treated for exhaustion and jet lag before leaving hospital a ago.