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Is Michael Baisden Returning to Radio?

So there’s a new afternoon drive show coming to DC at WHUR and radio folks are wondering who will be replacing the recently vacated slot frank ski left at the station. I was taking to a major market programmer yesterday and we both agreed that Baisden would be a good fit for a replacement especially going up against Donnie Simpson but how likely is that? We both agreed not likely. There is an image of two men and a woman (below) via WHUR as a teaser and many folks have already guessed the first man is George Wilborn and the woman is Mo Ivory but who is the third man? Unless Baisden shaved his head or it’s a trick it’s hard to say. Baisden has been very quiet for the last couple of years but a lot of his former colleagues are involved with WHUR. At any rate, thanks to WHUR for adding some mystery back to urban, we are in dire need of it.





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