Is it me or is America’s Dirty Laundry VERY Dirty?

I have been doing something over the last few days that I don’t usually do…. watch the news. I’ve been really interested in Planet in Peril, the Anderson Cooper special that explores well, the planet. I’ve been intrigued by the show and the discovery that scientist believe pand emics like HIV originated in places like Africa where humans make a lot of contact with Animals. Scientist believe that as world travel progressed in the 80s diseases like HIV had an opportunity to fester in the US. The first thing I thought of then is a recent report where it was estimated that as many as 2 out of 10 black teenaged girls in Washington, DC may be infected with HIV. Then I started thinking about the Black church, Urban radio and the black community’s consistent refusal, even after 25 years, to address this issue. Before I could process those thoughts, the new Obama headlines surrounding his previous Senate seat came on. I am amazed STILL first…that a black man has been elected President but I have concluded that Obama has two inevitable jobs now: The president and the fall guy for any and everyone around him who does wrong. We all know that politics are but this is going to be one long haul and it’s really fooked up. In addition, I feel for him because he has to clean up the outrageous mess that George Bush created. Nevertheless, Wand a Sykes made an interesting point the other night on Jay Leno. We should thank Bush because had he not been SO fooked up, a black man may NOT have had a chance.

As far as the car industry and the fact that they may be in deep sh…? While I know that there are plenty of factory workers who are honest, the upper echelon of these massive corporations simply fail to get one bit of sympathy from me. Decades of ripping the poor off with outrageosly high interest rates for sh…ty cars, making sh…ty cars barely passing inspections to rip ALL American’s off and totally fooking people out of hard earned money for repairs and work never done or exaggerated services costs for getting THEIR car fixed when they put cheap parts in it. I think they should be bailed out but I agree with the Republicans (who knew) NOT without a complete overhaul ESPECIALLY of the executive system in the auto industry. The auto industry should be saved but only with a massive enema.

Then there is the housing industry which I was reading about yesterday is about to get even UGLIER as prosecutors are finding an overwhelming amount of fraud on all levels from those bad loans. Unfortunatley, the feds are going after the little people, small mortgage companies, agents, builders etc and they are ignoring the decision makers and the corporate heads who are ultimately responsible for turning the other cheek when these bad loans were processed. The proper way to clean a house is to start with the filthiest room first, that’s usually the room that has caused the rest of the house to get out of order.

Finally, the economy. I still say, is there an economical problem or are we making a transformation? We can literally do EVERYTHING from home with our computers now with new services and business popping up daily. The internet, for those who remember, literally almost shut the music industry down a few years back. But the great thing about everything that is and has taken place, even with the music industry is all those people who were making ridiculous money for doing nothing, had to prove themselves and when they couldn’t, they were booted out and the artist realized their true value, worth and ability to market themselves. The music industry has only survived because the REAL industry people were put into place to save it. What’s going to happen to radio? Who knows but I hear the same complaints from everyone. Stations lack excitement, too many syndicated shows and too much talk. I don’t know what the answer is to any of all the things I mentioned in this peice, but what I do know is, there is something exiting and positive in the air and I really think once Bush is FINALLY out of the white house, the war is ended and some new legislation and policies are put into place… America will be a better more prosperous place again.

CEO of RF Focus, Radio and Music Industry Veteran. Radio DJ, Programmer, Musician and Voice Talent. Graduated from Performing Arts in Buffalo, N.Y. and worked at the legendary KKBT (92.3 The Beat) during its nationwide heyday in the early 90s. Also worked for Stevie Wonder at KJLH.