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Is Christmas Overrated?

Looking at the suicides and the tragedies that have taken place during Christmas, I was left to ponder…. Is Christmas overrated? I for one had a great yesterday but I have one complaint. After having to work six hour shifts for most holidays during my career in radio I absolutely question Despise Christmas . I not only despise it…. It literally makes me nauseous. How many times can I hear ? One song, sung but 9 million singers. While in the store some shopping before the holiday, I wore my so that I could not hear the .

While I not saying it’s a day that people should kill themselves, it’s been documented that it is one of the most likely days people are at their lowest when it comes to depression. Everybody does not to celebrate and there are lots of people who don’t have families or and they are not considered. Christmas is shoved down our throats whether we it or not and I think that’s bullsh….   I think a movement should be created where people where shirts that say “Screwged Christmas” and demand stores stop playing the music and they throw big buckets of water on Christmas Carolers who invade their privacy. Am I Scrooge? No, I’m a champion for the underdog. Christmas is not for everyone, just like religion (another ) so why must we be forced to accept it?

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