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iOne Digital Launches New Platform Focused on Black Culture


iOne Digital, formerly Interactive One, changes the game and launches (http://www.cassiuslife.com), the definitive digital destination for urban enthusiasts, millennials and lovers of Black culture. The inaugural digital cover, “Culture Vultures” represents both the mission of the new platform to address contemporary cultural theft—and the savvy of the newly formed editorial dream team charged with injecting media with critical commentary about the global impact of Black culture. With cultural appropriation at the forefront of much of today’s conversation, CASSIUS is in position to best fill the void for a new generation of urban enthusiasts. Bold, controversial covers, never-seen-before interactive graphics, and an in-your-face, unapologetic editorial point of view are what differentiate CASSIUS – a website that pays homage to the spirit of its namesake and the legacy of print magazines with a modern twist.

“Cassiuslife.com is not really about the late Cassius Clay [Muhammad Ali]. We are tremendously inspired by him, however this movement is not about the greatness of one man, but rather the greatness of us all,” says CASSIUS creator Kierna Mayo, , Content and Brands at iOne Digital. “We simply tapped into Ali’s brash, brave spirit. He is the globe’s foremost icon of what it means to be unapologetic. Our hope is that CASSIUS speaks to anyone who stands for something meaningful; for anyone who is unabashedly themselves; for anyone who questions those in power. This millennial generation has given voice to this exact —and we’ve heard them.”

CASSIUS is an experience. It presents news and storytelling differently. It provokes, disrupts, informs and uplifts. As a 21st century digital platform dedicated to telling the unvarnished truth, it gives daily voice to those much talked about, but rarely spoken to. Through original reporting and sharp commentary, no topic will be left unturned. CASSIUS editors are relentless in their research and craft. Moreover, the team doesn’t just cover the culture, they ARE the culture. Representing some of the brightest minds and recognized voices in media space, the all-star editorial team hails from the rich history of print magazines, the rigorous discipline of journalism, the fast-moving pace of digital, and the trendsetting worlds of fashion, media and entertainment.

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