International DJ and Producer DJ Trauma Featured on South African Radio Station 5FM

dj trauma

DJ Trauma to break new records to South African audience featuring new and established artists from the U.S. during his monthly music mix on 5FM radio station

International DJ and producer, DJ Trauma, has recently started providing a monthly music mix for South African radio station 5FM. The monthly hip hop and R&B mix titled, Friday Night Fix, solely features current hits played in the United States and abroad. As a record breaker, DJ Trauma particularly features songs by new artists as well as established recording artists. Airing on the last Friday of every month from 10 pm to 1 am, the Friday Night Fix is among a line-up of top rated African radio shows.

The South African FM radio station follows a Top 40 music format and broadcasts nationally to a youth audience. Headquartered in Auckland Park, Johannesburg, the station’s main format and heart is music supported by news, sports and traffic catering to a range of tastes for a youthful market.

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