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Help Industry People in Need – 5 Days to Raise (Today is the LAST Day)


Today is the LAST Day
“I know industry folks and artists that are in shelters. Most people think it glitz and glam, don’t understand this is a regular job, quiet sad. Best of luck.”
From a concerned reader of RFFocus

If you just read a few lines of this post hoping that I disclose who the homeless industry person is then click off, that’s fine, you don’t want to help other industry people and that’s your choice… but what if it was YOU… have you ever been out of work? Would you want industry people to shrug their shoulders and discount your contributions to the industry? What you give, I PROMISE you will get back tenfold. Help another person and help yourself. There have been a lot of deaths this year and most of the industry people died broke. Please read on…

Today, I got a disturbing call about a former industry person who is homeless. As many of you know many former industry people are struggling. Some have lost their homes and are barely able to make ends meet with the economy. Many of us are incredibly fortunate to still be able to work and earn a living whether we are in or out of the industry.  

RFFocus gets a lot of requests for jobs and for help from many former industry people and it’s frustrating because we are not able to help them.   Christmas is an exception, we hope.. an exception and a connection to those who feel they are no longer connected to the industry in any way. For those of us who have been out of work at one time or another, we know that lonely feeling of being disconnected from the industry that we love. Many of us also know what it is like to be out of work and not have our calls returned.   Some former industry people have lost everything including their financial and health benefits and they have run out of resources and many are ashamed, which is most unfortunate. We are not able to help everyone but we’d like to at least help at least two of those people with a financial gift for Christmas from RFFocus and our readers.

We will start off the contribution from RFFocus for $30.00 and ask that you please make a donation to help. I have learned over the years that when you give to others you get it back tenfold.   We can shrug our shoulders and say “That’s not my concern” but what if it WAS you? How would you feel if people blew you and your contributions off as unimportant? Whatever you can contribute we would appreciate. We only have 5 days to raise funds. You can contribute via PayPal (preferred method on the bottom of this message or to the right, the “Donate” Button) or you can mail a donation:

Make Check payable to and mail to: RadioMan Publishing Inc.

11054 Ventura Blvd. #142
Studio City, CA. 91604
Today is the LAST DAY (Deadline is December 21, 2011. In order to get it to them before Christmas) Please Donate NOW

If you know of an industry person in dire need please send us their information HERE.   NO PHONE CALLS please, we’d like to be fair to all names submitted.



  1. willint to help. as indivduals we should all help one person everyday..H.O.P.E.
    Where is your heart and how will you be judged in the end. john candy

  2. I too am willing to help, even moreso, I want to help retrain and get them working again. They have pride like we that are blessed, so I am willing to help and teach a man ( or woman) to fish!

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