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Industry Legend Hal Jackson Dies

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“He was an amazing pioneer who opened the doors for black radio announcers to work in . He was one of the first black announcers on the air and he was was determined after being told no black person would ever be on the .” Stated WBLS PD Skip Dillard a few minutes ago when describing one of the most respected radio legends in the industry.

“Man, this is just too much, I had so much respect for Mr. he helped me with so many of my acts at J Records like Alicia Keys. He was a pioneer and one of the nicest guys in the industry” Stated independent promoter Ken Wilson.

Mr. one of the urban radio industry’s last great pioneers and revolutionaries died today, he was 96. Without a doubt his legacy is immeasurable in the urban radio industry.

RFFocus will now change our editorial plans so that we can dedicate the RFFocus 17th Anniversary issue to Mr. Jackson

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