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Industry Conflict #3 DJ Stong sends Apology for Bishop Lamont, Things Get Heated on Video

As I don’t work on this side of the but I’m hearing the words “,” “Mixtape,” “Mixshow” and “leaked” a LOT these days, I think I get the picture… do you? (respond in comments) We got this statement from Strong last night (below) and it prompted me to find out what the problem was (see vid).

DJ Strong Releases a Statement

Contrary to what my normal ethic is, in regards to my artists and my . There has been a confusion about the latest mixtapes release, with great respect to all concerned, I apologize that this has gotten to such a point and that it has affected alot of people. I am very sorry that this all happened and in my excitement to make this project a big success one miscommunicated mistake was made. A special apology goes out to Bishop Lamont, i would never do anything out of spite to hurt the very artists we’ve been wanting to see so successful out here on the west coast for such a time. We as the west coast really need to stick together especially now that we all getting to a point where alot of artists are about to come out; from Game to Glasses Malone to to Omar Cruz and many many others. For us to not deal with this in a better way is really hurting what we have all worked so hard to build for so many . hip hop is fragile right now and with gangsta rap and conscious rap and other types of party rap resurging out here on the West Coast we are in a position to be back on top with our business and our and to avoid the downside of real gang activity that has plagued our coast for so many years. If we keep repeating the same cycles that we have been involved in, accustom to, and close to for sooo long, we will lose. Not just us as djs, but the artists, the labels, and especially the fans and the communities we all live in.
is about struggle and the want to better ourselves financially mentally and physically and to have our stories be told. We MUST UNITE! Ive seen so many mistakes turn into big issues before and we can’t let the expectations of people who want to see hip hop fail turn our minds to violence and attacking one another because we all play an intricate part in the business of music. Hip hop is really being attacked from all sides right now from radio stations to public leaders and from the outside, and for each one of us to turn on each other is going to ruin the very thing that keeps us alive: waiting for the song or the artist to tell their story. This is in the best interest for the West Coast and hip hop as a whole. We can turn this into a positive thing for the West Coast! -Strong