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Indie 103.1: Has Radio Run Its Course

chris brown

Southern California residents were saddened to learn that Indie 103.1, a long-running known for playing the edgy that "corporate" stations wouldn't touch, is ceasing to broadcast . Indie 103.1 had came under criticism for watering down its playlists in recent to compete with rivals like , and it seems, based on a farewell message at the Indie 103.1 website, that the station's management did not like that direction either.

Former Indie 103.1 host Morris writes on an Times about why this is a "very sad" :

For most of its existence, Indie 103.1 advanced a style of in its specialty programming that hadnâ„¢t been seen in a major market for eons. What was heard on the air was a reflection of the individual jocksâ„¢ tastes and passions. The amount of liberty I enjoyed was unbelievable. It was a throwback to the free-form style I grew up with, which held sway briefly in pre-Å“album oriented  in the â„¢70s; the maverick early KROQ flashed the same gunslinging approach.

Indie 103.1: Has Radio Run Its Course? – Risky Business (usnews.com).

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