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Imus in Mass. a day after his cancer announcement

aleqm5j1z83jil82iavosqhi266qy-tibg Don Imus told listeners Tuesday that he assumes he’ll be fine in his battle with prostate cancer, because that’s what he thinks.

The 68-year-old radio personality bantered with listeners at Boston WTKK-FM during his annual St. Patrick’s “Kiss Me, I’m Imus” show, the after announcing he has cancer.   Imus said that when he was fired from a previous , he assumed, “I’ll be fine,” and he was. He’s taking the same attitude with the cancer. He also mixed in chat about politics, culture and current events in front of a live audience of about 950 people at the Wilbur Theatre. He talked to Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., who was also treated for prostate cancer, about the economy and the outrage over reports of huge bonuses for AIG . Imus told Kerry that his cancer has far been limited to the prostate and has not spread. “You’re going to be all right, I’m convinced,” Kerry said.   Imus announced that he has cancer on his , which airs on and cable’s RFD-, on Monday. Imus said he was surprised more than anything about the diagnosis, since he’s followed a healthy diet for the past decade. He said he had also spoken to former Republican presidential cand idate Rudolph Giuliani about his prostate cancer treatment.

Kerry said his staff is looking into the possibility of taxing the bonuses given to AIG executives and giving the money back to the American people. [source]

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