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Imus and Wendy: Didn’t she do the same thing?

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As radio vet Imus is getting good and comfortable with reestablishing himself on the airwaves I was having a discussion with my friend Isidra about what he said about the Rutgers Women’s Basketball team and what Wendy Williams just said when she was quoted in the NY Times. “This bitch is out of her mind” when asked to respond to the lawsuit that Nicole Spence has just filed for sexual harassment. Looking from the outside in, how would black people have responded if, let’s say Dr. Laura or if a Black MAN had said that about Nicole Spence in the New York Times. Does Wendy or a black woman have license to call another black woman a bitch in the press and not be called on it? If Imus came back and said “Hey, wait a minute, she just called that black woman a bitch, isn’t THAT derogatory too?”… would he be wrong? While we know the statement certainly won’t help Wendy’s or the stations position in the case, please take the poll to the right…

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