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IGNORANCE CLAIM: Calif Mayor Send pic of White House lawn with Watermellons

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Looks like the “We didn’t know” is going to prevail during this administration when obvious are made   from officials like this one. Unless this idiot has been living under a rock and he looks old as hell to me, his claim that he didn’t know about the connection between watermelons, and is about as believable as Alice in Wonderland being a ho. This type sh… needs to be shut down IMMEDIALTEY and idiots like this MUST be made examples or it will get out control.

LOS ALAMITOS, Calif.”The of Los Alamitos is coming under fire for an e-mail he sent out that depicts the lawn planted watermelons, under the title “No Easter egg hunt this year.” Local businesswoman and city volunteer Keyanus Price, who is black, said Tuesday she received the e-mail from Mayor Dean Grose’s personal account on Sunday and wants a public apology.

“I have had plenty of my share of chicken and watermelon and all those kinds of jokes,” Price told The Associated Press. “I honestly don’t even understand where he was coming from, sending this to me. As a black person receiving something like this from the city-freakin’-mayor”come on.” The Orange County Register first reported the e-mail on its Web site Tuesday night.

Grose confirmed to the that he sent the e-mail to Price and said he didn’t mean to offend her. He said he was unaware of the racial stereotype that black people like watermelons. He said he and Price are friends and serve together on a community youth board. “Bottom line is, we laugh at things and I didn’t see this in the same light that she did,” Grose told the . “I’m sorry. It wasn’t sent to offend her personally”or anyone”from the stand point of the African-American race.” Grose, who became mayor in December, said he sent an apology e-mail to Price and her boss and also left her a voicemail apology.

Regardless, Price said it will be difficult for

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