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Hungry Black Radio Talent Waiting in the Wings for Steve Harvey to Quit Radio

Harvey during a visit with Trump

Kudos to Steve Harvey, 60, and his massive as an industry mogul. His is a great story for him but a sad story for many young announcers who want to get into urban radio.

For more than a decade Harvey’s show has been in urban radio national syndication and has been the catalyst that has opened the door for many more successful projects for Harvey and his former business partner. While segments of his show, like Nephew Tommy’s prank calls, are hilarious a massive void for fresh perspectives has swept over the urban radio industry, often cited as already being over saturated with syndicated shows in comparison to other formats.

While traveling around the country over the last few weeks, I am amazed and disturbed at the young black radio talent relegated to part-time or shift positions that do not allow them to shine and grow. As a former programmer, I find it unfortunate that they are stuck and that their dreams may never be realized because they can’t get on to do mornings which is a radio station’s most prized time slot.  Unfortunately, Steve Harvey and his morning show are one of the main reasons.

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