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Huffington Post Reports Michael Jackson had Lupus

michael--neverland .jpg" alt=" width="205" height="205" />Was the King of pop really felled by prescription drug use and abuse ? Those who speculate on this theory could be dead wrong! Instead, Michael could very well be the victim of the he suffered from.

Did you know that , was the victim of a rare auto-immune disease called lupus? Yes, he was according to his Wikipedia biography and as it turns out — lupus sufferers frequently die in their 40s and 50’s from sudden heart attacks, caused by atherosclerosis. Let me explain.

Lupus causes inflammation in many of the body’s organs including the arteries of the heart. The inflamed arteries then cause cholesterol to deposit on their walls.These deposits cause scarring, and the whole process primes lupus victims to have massive heart attacks, which are often asymptomatic beforehand read entire story]

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