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How’s Donnie Simpson Doing at Magic 102.3?


So it’s almost been six months since radio legend Donnie Simpson has been back on the airwaves at WMMJ Magic 102.3 in DC. He had been off the air and retired for 5 years before Radio One brought him back and signed him to an exclusive deal to be back on the air. There was a big celebration at the station and everybody was thrilled to see the vet back on the air. So how is he doing? The first commenter states “I stopped listening to that station all together because I don’t even want to hear the commercials with his voice. I grew up on Donnie, DMV raised. I can’t say his time is up but I will say maybe he should do satellite radio. Between those deep breaths he take will sucking whatever to those old corny stories remind me of a once cool uncle gone old.” Donnie Simpson is a radio legend. Do you think he’s still a student of the game or too jelled in the past.

We have gotten mixed reactions from the industry but we’re curious to see what listeners think.  Your thoughts? Post in comments.


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  1. I stopped listening to that station all together because I don’t even want to hear the commercials with his voice. I grew up on Donnie, DMV raised. I can’t say his time is up but I will say maybe he should do satellite radio. Between those deep breaths he take will sucking whatever to those old corny stories remind me of a once cool uncle gone old.

  2. You couldn’t have said it better. My sentiments exactly. I loved Donnie back in the day and was a loyal listener as well. But his lackluster discussions with old friends from the entertainment business are old and stale. He name drops his favorites over and over again (Frankie Beverly, Baby Face, Toni Braxton, Sugar Ray Leonard). Same old stories and I know he loves his family but that has played out too. No more, Pam, Dawn, DJ, grandkids, etc. Enough!!! Nice person but I won’t be a listener. I just can’t!!

  3. i love this dude Donnie is Donnie he’s an icon i missed him and he wont appeal to everyone neither will Rus Parr nor Tom Joiner but he appeals to me and all I can say keep living you will have some stories as well to tell and I hope people will give you time to tell them

  4. Maybe instead of putting the brother down everybody needs to understand maybe Radio One made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. Everybody has to eat and pay bills

  5. I love him but have to agree. I can’t make it through one show. Talks too much. Not excited about his co-hosts. Same stories. Same name dropping. Just not the same or too much of the same. Yes Huggie!!! I can turn though and I do. I still wish him the best and hope he gains new listeners.

  6. Let Donnie be Donnie. He has his own radio style, that’s what Radio One wanted, that’s what a lot of DMV wanted, and he’s happy. We need to stop discrediting our matured brothers and sisters and start listening to them. Yes they’re full of stories about family and their back in the day crew, but story telling is our culture, and our generation could use some wisdom and guidance from men like him. Besides, even we are reminded how “slow” we are from our fast paced, techie children. Love you Donnie and God bless!

    • “We need to stop discrediting our older brothers and sisters”

      Mr Simpson has accused Bill Cosby of being guilty of rape multiple times on the show!
      Where is his proof?
      Why hasnt Mr Simpson spoken of the accusers that have been protected to lying?

  7. RadioOne is messing up!!! Bring Tom Joyner back to my morning drive on 102.3. I can’t even get AM 1450 in my car & I work in DC! Tom, I miss you!!! Sorry Russ you r just not Tom…

  8. As much as I love Donnie, I have to admit that I’m not feeling him this time around at all. It’s gotten to the point that I only tune in at 5:30 to hear Huggie and then I quickly change the station. I’m also deeply, DEEPLY saddened about the Tom Joyner move. Nothing against Russ Parr, but the powers that be at Radio One ought to be ashamed of themselves for demoting the likes of an icon like Tom the way that they have. I was once a very devoted Radio One listener, and now??? Not so much……

  9. I love Donnie and grew up listening to him but he needs a new playlist and new stories. I can’t make it through a show. The co hosts are not a good fit and just laugh at everything he says. Overall, Radio One needs to rethink these moves. RUSS is flat and the song selections are not working. I now listen to Sirius heart and soul on the ride in the morning and WHUR in the evening. Tony Moe and George have chemistry and play a good mix of music.

  10. I think he stayed away too long , the fire has cooled a bit , he should be in the am slot where Russ Parr is now. I wish him luck in trying to relight a once smoking hot flame

  11. I stop listening to the station when Donnie came on the air daily now since the station cancelled Tom Joyner’s morning show, I will no longer tune into the station. Donnie is silly and self indulgent. He needs to retire again. Seems like the move to Donnie and Russ are not well thought out. Bring back the TJMS show.

  12. I think that Donnie is doing a great job, but there is no chemistry between him and his cohorts. MORE IMPORTANTLY…. BRING BACK TOM! I REFUSE TO LISTEN TO RUSS PARR. CATHY MADE A HUGHES MISTAKE!

  13. Donnie is a legend. Not a fan of the name dropping, but I highly recommend bringing Chris Paul back to be his co-host. Chris Paul is funny, high energy and fills the dead space nicely. The show will feel complete with Chris Paul.

  14. I like some of Donnie’s song choices but the constant story telling and the annoying sucking of air that he does is grating to my nerves. Not sure how I never noticed this when he was on the air in the morning. I really enjoy the chemistry with Tony, Mo, and George. It seems natural and unforced.

  15. I was excited at first, but stopped listening a while ago. There’s just too much talking and too many stories. I’m more annoyed that Tom Joyner has been forced off Majic 102.3. I will NOT listen to Russ Parr.

  16. I switch between WMMJ and WHUR. Donnie talks too much and does not have any interesting subjects to really talk about. The music he plays is rather bane and dull. I know that everyone has to make business decisions, but Radio One is making some whoppers!!!!

  17. Russ is not the answer on 102.3. Please bring Tom back in the morning. I listen to Tom On the Tune in app. #thankgoodness for the app.

    Donnie is still Donnie the stories and talk is his style. The problem is the co-hosts, they don’t mesh. Sorry 102.3. I have tuned you out . Sorry but not sorry.

  18. I think Donnie needs new cohosts and a solid format. His show has no structure. He needs to retool the whole show. Some comedy bits if he’s good at it, formatted entertainment news, definitely definitely keep Huggie, and some interaction with the listeners. I am not a radio programmer but I do think a lot more structure to his program will go a long way.


  20. It was definitely time for Tom and his crew to go. Sometimes you have to know when it’s time to move on. Enough with his morning chuckle fest and his people repeating everything that he said. Tom is great for pouring money into his charitable organizations and helping disadvantaged people, God Bless him for all of that. Love Donnie but… Donnie has been out of the loop for a long time and needed to get schooled on all that has been and IS happening in the DMV area and the real world before he stepped up to the mike again. He has been in his “comfort zone” for a long time. I have a hard time relating to him not just because of his ego, and self loathing but just listening to him try to relate to what’s happening NOW! Great personality,good to hear his voice. I do enjoy hearing some of that old music from the 80’s 90’s that I haven’t heard on any other stations lately. Keep gettin’ paid Donnie!

  21. Donnie definitely needs new cohosts and a restructuring of the show. They need some bits, a good traffic reporter who they can joke around with, and someone who does man on the street type of bits with pranks. That’s what people want now.

  22. Since Majic 102.3 has taken Tom Joyner off I no longer listen to the station. However, when Donnie initially returned I listened for a few minutes & quickly loss interest & have not returned.

  23. Tisha is right. I have TRIED SEVERAL TIMES to listen to Donnie in the afternoon. Bland, bland, bland. I end up changing stations to WHUR. If Donnie’ plays Michael Jackson ONE MORE TIME, I’m gonna scream. His show is tired, slow and old. I appreciate his appreciations of old school music, but his selection is terribly outdated. WHUR is better in the afternoon. Sorry …

  24. I first listened to Donny when he was in Detroit @WJLB. I now live in Dallas Tx & listen to him on tune in radio app.

  25. I don’t listen to Donnie Simpson as much as I’d like to. I love Donnie and he’s built an awesome career, however, he’s not up-to-date on some current events. I love the fact that he loves his family, but he talks too much about them on the radio and why is Pam on the air? I want to hear Donnie, not his wife, no disrespect. And he’s not consistent on the radio. He’s off a lot and today, they are playing the best of Donnie Simpson. Past interviews and how he got into the business, things we’ve heard before. And I don’t understand why Tom Joyner was reduced to AM radio??? Bad Move. Now I listen to WHUR with Michael Baisden and he has thought provoking conversations.

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