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HOT DAMAGE: Tigger, Tigger… TIGGER!!!

chris brown

 width=Tigger is, I hear, a really good brother with a great concern for the community and he’s extremely popular in DC and of course nationwide. The blogs have had a field day after Tigger took this picture with this dude known simply as Chosen.

Chosen changed him name after he got busted for allegedly imitating Missy Elliot for a radio interview years ago and he has since allegedly imitated other female performers during interviews etc, including one for Sister to Sister magazine. Word is he performs his services as the female celeb by doing phoners. I certainly don’t know what kind of future that offers and it’s, to say the least, strange but I’ve seen even stranger things in my life.

With Superhead’s VICIOUS accusations against Tigger and an etremely embarrasing confrontaton on the Jamie Foxx show between the two (Tigger and Superhead) Tig lost the argument but you had to feel for him because he mentioned he gave Superhead money when she couldn’t feed her son. Therefore it made her betrayal extremely cut-throat but it did little to defend her accusations.Tigger should not have made that call.

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