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Host, Elmer Dills Passes Away


Last week, CRN Digital Talk Radio mourned the loss of George Putnam. Yesterday, another colleague, Elmer Dills, former host of CRN’s “The Elmer Dills Show” passed away at Huntington . He was 82. “Everyone at CRN is feeling a great loss,” said Michael Horn, President/ of CRN Digital Talk Radio. “It was such a pleasure to work with Elmer. He had such strong character and was a true advocate for his audience. He will really be missed.”

Dills brought his show to CRN Digital Talk Radio in January of 2007. With him, came a of celebrity chefs, restaurateurs and sommeliers. “Everyone wanted to be associated with Elmer,” said Jack Roberts, Dill’s former producer at CRN. “Having his name associated with a product or restaurant really meant something. He definitely wasn’t a sell out. If Elmer’s name was on it, he believed in it.” Dills had been suffering from a of health problems and was forced to leave CRN and the show in January of 2008. “Elmer made only one demand during his time at CRN,” said Horn. “He insisted that everyone involved with his show make a champagne toast at the end of the hour. You can be sure we will all be toasting Elmer again, one last time today.”

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