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Hope You’re Not Eating: Wendy Williams Feet (pic)

? width=With all to Wendy, these have got to be the most HIDEOUS feet I have ever seen. These look like caveMAN feet after waking 20 miles to find a bull to slaughter then dragging it back home with its skins as . It looks like Wendy went mountain climbing then realized she forgot to bring her but she climbed the mountain anyway. When you have feet like this you should keep it hidden.

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  1. Frankly, I’ve seen feet that look much worse than these. I understand hyperbole, but go into a hospital and look around. Wendy’s feet are obviously tortured and swollen. They have abrasions and a knot. They are definitely not as healthy as they could be, but come on, Kev, they don’t have fungus, pus and dark patches that I’ve seen! Have you seen a diabetic’s feet? It can’t be your age, so it must be the beautiful people…and feet you’re surrounded by in Atlanta.

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