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Hollywood Musician's Institute Wants Labels to Re-establish A&R


The greatest problem with A&R was the lack of reps who could relate to black culture. The advent of literally put the A&R phase out of business when many of the white people who were hired to the black artists were literally scared of them (laugh).

In the troubled , many labels have cut or eliminated their artists-and -repertoire staff. But instructors at MI are determined to teach the skill of making a musical connection.

TalentOnce upon a , A&R were the sexiest letters in the music industry’s alphabet.

Executives in the artists-and -repertoire division of every record label were charged with discovering and nurturing new acts, setting them on the path toward gold and platinum albums and Grammy Awards.

These high-powered talent brokers would spend their nights scouring nightclubs and street corners after days combing through stacks of homemade recordings in their quests for pop music’s big thing.

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