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Hip Hop Hall of Fame Museum to Host Sponsorship Mixer

Hip Hop Hall of Fame + Museum is Coming to Harlem, NYC! Hip Hop Hall of Fame Awards TV Show tapes December 2015. (PRNewsFoto/Dove Entertainment)

Hip Hop Hall of Fame + Museum developers, and the upcoming Hip Hop Hall of Fame Awards Induction Ceremony & Concert TV Show producers announce its inaugural Corporate Brands Upfront Sponsorship Mixer Event to take place in November 2015 to lock in hip hop artists, moguls and national brand leaders for official category sponsorships, naming rights and strategic partnerships.

There are multi-tiered levels of sponsorships, partnerships, and major tax deductible gift and donation packages for the Non-profit Hip Hop Hall of Fame Museum’s new Harlem Building location, and annual HHHOF Co-Branded Live Events & Programming including the flagship Hip Hop Hall of Fame Awards TV Show.

The HHHOF Co-Branded Events sponsorships provide brands the opportunity to be the official HHHOF multi-cultural marketing & community outreach partners in all local and national promotional campaigns and tours scheduled for activation in the 4th quarter 2015 through the Hip Hop Museum grand opening in late 2016-2017.

HHHOF Museum naming rights and sponsorships provide brands and major gift donors a direct opportunity to help support and establish the HHHOF Museum including architectural design, exhibits & attractions, design & construction, building construction, museum exhibits build-out and general fund operations.

These contributions also provide exclusivity and naming rights on exhibits and museum components, educational programs and targeted applications. These opportunities also extend to the building outdoor marquee, video wall, floors, concert lounge, restaurant & retail vendor partnerships, in-house television studios, websites, quarterly symposiums and magazine, plus national & international tours. The recent success of the HHHOF and Live Nation partnership on the Legends Concert is the model set for the upcoming Hip Hop Hall of Fame 20 City ‘Legends History Tour’ with a traveling museum exhibit for youth and community engagement and live concert event.

The Hip Hop Hall of Fame + Museum will also utilize and serve these sponsorship partner brands products, drinks, equipment and services in the daily museum operations at the facility, and incorporate them into the fabric of the museums displays, attractions and exhibits architecture. “We will also offer a wide-ranging selection of direct support opportunities for major gift providers and donors who will become the Founding Partners and Sponsors of the Hip Hop Hall of Fame + Museum that will become a national treasure,” stated JT Thompson creator of the HHHOF Awards on BET and founder of the HHHOF Museum.

All sponsors, advertisers and contributors will effectively partner with the HHHOF to reach the entire Hip Hop and R&B Music Urban Culture demographics of fans and trendsetters that include youth ages 12-17, young adults 18-24 and adults and families ages 18-55. Hip Hop youth, artists, athletes and celebrity influencers are at the forefront of urban & pop cultural trends. Hip Hop is also the pulse of urban radio, blogs, fashion and technology as our audience spends and influences over $500 Billion per year on products, services, goods, fashion and technology.

The HHHOF Harlem Museum estimates it will serve up to 250,000+ fans, tourists and patrons annually, and provide up to 200 jobs, internships and co-branded marketing and educational outreach events for youth and families. The public schools educational programs and tours will accommodate up to 35,000 kids annually. The socio-economic impact benefit in New York City and Tri-State area is expected to contribute over $350 million over three-five years.

The Hip Hop Hall of Fame to kick-off November Hip Hop History Month opening up its Harlem NY offices and launching its Youth Hip Hop Media & Arts Academy heading into the Universal Zulu Nation’s 41st Annual Anniversary Celebration November 12-15th. The Hip Hop Hall of Fame Awards TV Show Week will close out the month November 28th thru December 4th with scheduled events. The 2015 HHHOF Inductee Class will be announced at upcoming press conference. “The Hip Hop Hall of Fame Awards TV show was established in 1992 to be the chief financial mechanism to open the HHHOF Museum when the show partnered with BET Cable Network for national broadcast in the 1990s,” stated DJ Lord Yoda X a co-producer. The producers are currently in discussions with various television and cable networks for broadcast partnership.

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