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Hillary Clinton Talks to Mark Thompson About Colin Powell Endorsement and More


Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton spoke with ’s Mark Thompson today and shared her thoughts on women’s rights under a Trump Presidency and his divisive rhetoric, revising the Affordable Act, and Adele’s endorsements, and what she wants for her birthday.

Here are some highlights from the conversation. If used, please credit both SiriusXM and “SiriusXM’s Mark Thompson”:

On Trump declaring defeat in Mosul:
“It’s irresponsible, and imagine if you were, you know, one of our five thousand, military personnel there, who are, enabling the Iraqi army, who are, helping with intelligence, helping with surveillance, calling in air strikes, being on the ground as special forces, you heard him say, you know, you may be moving towards Mosul in a convoy of Iraqi military or advising the Kurdish Peshmerga forces, and this guy is saying you’re already defeated? I mean, that’s is a…that’s insulting also…of course why be surprised, he’s called the American military a disaster, he says he knows more about ISIS than the generals. Honestly, every day that goes by, it becomes clearer and clearer, how unfit he is, and, I’m just concerned about the damage he’s already done…the divides that he has exacerbated, the feelings people have here in our own country, toward each other and the feelings people have around the world toward us. I think if I’m fortunate enough to be elected President, which I’m working hard to be, I’m going to have to address this, it may be the most important part of my job in the beginning, is to try to heal, the deep bigoted discriminatory feelings that he has created.
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Clinton on revising the Affordable Act:
“I think it’s a problem, I have been talking about it for months, I’ve said that I’m going to get premium costs down, co-pays and deductibles for the 20 million people, predominantly working people, working African Americans, Latinos, White families across America, who could never afford insurance before because they made too much money so they weren’t eligible for Medicaid, or they didn’t have an employer who provided it. That’s what we’re talking about and if Donald Trump got his way, and the Affordable Care Act were repealed, that would affect everybody…it would put insurance companies back in charge, because right now, insurance companies are prohibited from preventing somebody with a pre-existing condition, from having insurance, or being able to afford insurance, so, this is about primarily stripping away the healthcare of 20 million, now remember the way the system is set up, if the premium costs go up, people get a higher subsidy so they can afford it. But I’ve got plans to bring down the costs, also to bring down the cost of prescription drugs, and we can do that, without taking away insurance for 20 million people, and without hurting the 170 million of us who get from our employers.”
AUDIO: https://soundcloud.com/siriusxm-news-issues/sec-hillary-clinton-on-revising-the-affordable-care-act

Clinton on Women’s Health and Trump’s Fear mongering:
“I think he’s been pretty clear that he has a very negative view about so many groups of Americans. Obviously women who he’s been insulting throughout his campaign and then the tape of his talking about assaulting women came to light and now, rather than campaign on issues, claiming he’s going to sue everybody…
It’s fear mongering and it’s also just blatant bigotry. The kind of false information and hateful comments that he’s been making repeatedly have hurt a lot of people. I meet hundreds of people every day and it’s not just politics as usual. People are scared. I’ve had mothers write to me. A mother wrote to me about her son who had been adopted from Ethiopia when he was toddler…
Her son said…’Will he send me back to Ethiopia?’ I’ve met Muslim, I’ve met Latinos, young children who have started to cry in front of me because Donald Trump is going to round up their parents and deport them. Everything this man has said has hurt people and so this, among many reasons is why he should never be near real power. He’s temperamentally unfit and unqualified to be our President.”
AUDIO: https://soundcloud.com/siriusxm-news-issues/hillary-clinton-on-womens-rights-under-a-trump-presidency

The full interview will debut tonight at 6:30 pm ET on “Make It Plain with Mark Thompson” on SiriusXM’s Progress channel 127.