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Here's the Reason Joyce Littel is No Longer at V103: Keith Sweat? Boris and Nicole?

 width= is one of my favorite stations in the nation. Is it possible that Keith Sweat (or his people) have been able to sway the once -less V103 into playing his show and replacing staple Joyce Littel?   I suspected this might be the reason Joyce was terminated. The all new Kevin won’t comment but I will say, if Keith Sweat is the new host my attitude and the direction of RFFocus will also change. I have also heard frequent fill in couple actors and Atlanta residents Boris and Nicole may take over the show to talk about relationships.   Boris and Nicole a great looking couple and from a marketing perspective, this would certainly make sense.

Thanks to RFFocus Reader and Radio info Rodney Ho for the scoop on the Joyce Littel situation. I have to admit, I have some sources in Atlanta but NOBODY was privy to this information until now.   It appears, according to Rodney that the reason is economic. I have to admit, I thought V103, was the Number 1 station in the market and you automatically equate that with billing in a market like that with such an incredibly high Black population. I know, niave me right?     Littel recently celebrated 19 years at V-103 hosting the late-night “Quiet Storm,” but on January 13, Littel received bad news from her bosses: she had to be let go.

“I was shocked,” she said. “It was totally unexpected. Yet, I was prepared. Whenever that day came, I was prepared.”

She said the brass told her the move was purely economic. Her ratings were fine. But she aired at a time when the station generates relatively fewer dollars (10 p.m. to 2 a.m Sunday through Thursday.) The station, which is going jockless during “Quiet Storm” for now, may seek a cheaper syndicated solution. “I am not bitter,” she said. “It’s just a time to readjust and keep moving forward.”

, the market manager who runs the station locally, and Reggie Rouse did not return calls for comment. (Caffey, since I started covering radio in 2001, has been nothing if not consistent. He has never commented about personnel moves period.) Ho states.

Littel has been heartened by the response from fans since the news came out last week. At an event she moderated Monday night, the attendees gave her a stand ing ovation. “I know that my listeners embrace me whether I’m on air or off air,” she said.

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