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Here’s How Much Cathy Hughes and Alfred Liggins Make and what Barry Mayo WAS Making…

alfred ligginsBarry Mayo, recently departed his post at Inc as the President of the . His in 2010  was a whopping $754,761.000 according to Forbes. Well it appears that was probably interfering with the profit margin that some of the “negative ” stations were making according to the video where two young articulate girls questioned Radio One‘s for playing songs that “demeaned them.” Alfred responded that some of those stations “Make a of money” as if the girls should have sat down at the point and acquiesced. Well Alfred’s salary is as follows:  Liggins received a $980,000 base salary, $447,735 bonus, $1.62 million in awards, and $100,076 in option awards. Totaling a paltry 3.2 million.

Chairman/Founder , the Chairman and Founder of Radio One is also struggling to make ends meet,  her total compensation took a hit going from $1.8 million to $1,516,830. How do they survive off such meager earnings? In all honesty, running a radio corporation has to be a monumental task. They deserve it. We can’t help but to wonder what’s happening with Mayo’s former salary. Perhaps it will be divided up amongst the hard working programmers?


  1. I covered this story and I am surprised that it was largely ignored by black media sites. It’s interesting that Radio One is still in the red and Hughes and her son are raking in so much money. Makes one wonder what’s really going on in the board room.

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