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Heated Exchange on The Breakfast Club with Desus and Mero

Things got super spicy when Desus & Mero walk into The . If you remember DJ Envy and his wife Gia appeared on the daytime talk show “The Real” to talk about their relationship, podcast amongst other things. This prompted the two late-night Viceland talk show to go in on DJ Envy cracking jokes about The host insinuating that his wife was with him for the “DJ Envy Check”

This isn’t the first time the comedy duo have talked about Envy on their show as back in October of 2017 when an alleged Snapchat conversation between the DJ and an unknown person leaked online. The messages which were obviously later debunked as fake trended everwhere prompting the two, of course, to go in about it with Mero saying “damn dog light skin n***** are losing, we were winning”.

Stopping by The Breakfast Club this morning right off the bat DJ Envy introduces the Bronx duo as “d******* and P****” and continues to tell them that they owe his wife an apology for what they said about her on the show. After apologizing to Envy and his wife they express the fact that they thought they were all good because they roast Charlamagne on the show as well. As things seemed to have cooled down in the studio DJ Envy actually LEAVES the interview and doesn’t come back….

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