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Heat Spinner DJs Hot Pick Mz. Nicky

mznickyfemmcFRONT-1Nichole Ferguson known by her stage name, Mz. Nicky, grew up in Madisonville (Madville), a neighborhood located in Cincinnati, OH.

Mz. Nicky developed a for at a young age and began rapping and performing in talent shows while only in elementary school. Inspired by Limit’s first lady, Mia X, Mz Nicky aspired to be a household name of rap and became a member of the group; Married to the , which consisted of Cincinnati’s most known female bosses.
Business woman, entrepreneur and independent artist, Mz. Nicky is the product of productiveness and perseverance. With her knowledge and understanding of the , she possesses essential tools needed to implement and execute her blueprint of success. Realizing the only way to the top is to keep pressing forward, Mz. Nicky is consistently in the lab perfecting her skills while pushing to gain recognition and respect in an predominantly comprised of her male counterparts.
Mz. Nicky’s poetic fluidity and electric style of writing places her above the competition. Her lyrical ingeniousness is indisputable and is evident in her chart climbing hits This Weekend and Caked Up. She’s an emcee who’s proven to be a tremendously talented and intuitive versifier who manages to deliver an arrangement of songs and that heard from the arch of St. Louis to the bays of California. Keep watch… she’s just getting started.

: [email protected] 513-200-4856
Twitter: @mznicky513
Instagram @mznicky513
Website: www.naturalbornhustlehers.com

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