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LOOK: Hazel Gordy and Teddy Riley

Look closely at this pic of Berry Gordy and Suzanne De Passe at Michael Jackson’s funeral yesterday. Notice Hazel behind Berry and Teddy Riley behind her. Hazel looks like she jumped right out of 1972. (click for larger image)


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  1. Hazel Gordy (berry gordy’s daughter) is dead. She was Jermaine Jackson’s first wife and she supposedly drowned, but many people think she was murdered.
    It was her family crypt that MJ’s body was hidden in until people got wind of him being there and trashed the Gordy family crypt so then his body was moved.
    Maybe that is Hazel’s daughter and her name is also Hazel or something but it is NOT THE Hazel Gordy Jackson

    The blonde next to Berry Gordy is Suzanne De Passe she is the woman who forced Berry Gordy to watch the Jackson 5 audition and then he signed them right away. In that movie from the late 80’s about the Jackson Family Suzanne De Passe is played by actress Vanessa Williams

  2. ok mistake. apparently hazel gordy is still alive. it was tito’s first wife dee dee who drown, but her boyfriend at the time (1994) was later accused of murdering her.

    so hazel gordy is NOT the one who drown. Must have been a rumor and with the complicated Jackson family, RUMORS run rampant.

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