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Guest Post: Cashing in on Text Messaging Opportunities for DJs and Radio


Are You Cashing in From Text Messages Marketing?

2,022 per month.
According to Experian, that the number of U.S. owners aged 18 to 24 send 2,022 texts per month on average — 67 texts on a daily basis — and receive another 1,831. And it’s more than a 1000 per month for their slightly older peers, smartphone users aged 25 to 34. What’s it all mean for you in the music ?

Texting is a big business — global carrier messaging revenues were $150 billion in 2013. The question to ask yourself is what’s your share of that number? If it’s non-existent or miniscule, then get ready for a new vision.
Mobile marketing for , DJs, promoters, nightclubs, radio stations can be a powerful revenue generator. Specifically, text message marketing (i.e. text 55888 to NOW) is major tool to reach today’s target audience. Sure, email and social media still exist as marketing tools, but it can be argued that mobile is better. Why? First, more than half of all emails never even get opened. In many respects, text marketing is even better than email marketing. The latest IBM research shows that 90 percent of email marketing goes unopened and unread. But part of the real power of mobile is that the message does not compete for attention on the screen, and the device is always on. Social media still good for some of the time, but it’s about getting everyone all of the time – i.e. the phone.

The average text message is opened and read in 4 minutes and 97% of all text messages are read (source: Pew Research). Text message marketing is instant marketing. Recent surveys find that 60% of people worldwide are active texters, with over 193,000 text messages sent every second. In fact, texting is the number one most used data service in the world.

But the music industry is not currently maximizing the power of mobile. And if that consumer happens to be of color, then mobile is a must. African-Americans are still number one – over every other demographic in the United States – when it comes to mobile phone expenditures, feature usage, smartphone purchase and mobile video viewing. (source: Nielsen Mobile).

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