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Guest Exposes Fox’s “Absolutely Ridiculous” Logic On Rapper Common’s Invite

Guest Exposes Fox’s “Absolutely Ridiculous” Logic On Common Invite

EXCERPT: Following the day-long freakout by Fox over hip-hop artist Common being invited to the White House for a poetry event, Fox was finally confronted by a guest who exposed the right-wing media’s abject hypocrisy over the issue. Fox’s supposed outrage apparently stems from Common lyrics it views as “controversial” and his association with Rev. Jeremiah Wright, President ’s former pastor. Common, who is from Chicago, has said he’s known Wright since he was a child from attending Trinity Church there. But when guest Keli Goff, a political analyst and contributor to TheRoot.com, pointed out during tonight’s On the Record that conservatives have embraced artists like — whose offensive lyrics haven’t kept from praising him — Fox’s outrage was exposed for what it is: selective and decidedly hypocritical. During a segment about the Common invitation, Martha MacCallum said the invitation was “disturbing on a lot of levels.” She then claimed that in some of his lyrics, the rapper talks about “glorifying the killing of policemen,” among other things, and asked: “Why would we want to do this?” Goff disagreed with MacCallum’s characterization, saying that Common “is one of the good guys in hip-hop,” “known for not putting the misogynistic lyrics out there,” and that he is “politically conscious.” Goff’s words echo the sentiment expressed by a Fox in an October 2010 report on FoxNews.com. As we pointed out earlier, Fox Jason Robinson lauded Common’s music as “very positive” and noted that he is known as the “conscious rapper.” But MacCallum wasn’t buying it. She claimed that inviting Common wouldn’t “bring respect to the White House” or “elevate people.” She added: “This is no Robert Frost. This is no — this moment that is happening tomorrow night. … How can you possibly compare these lyrics to the works of these people and say that we’re elevating?”

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