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Grammy’s "disrespect" of radio draws support from….. Radio?

This is not the first time I have heard this from a person….

“As radio continues to dismantle the industry with its burn and slash strategy, radio’s users and lives are moving forward with different ideas and wants. Radio is out of touch, it’s focused on protecting the fortress, and instead of creating better products and ideas users want.

Add spin to your research all you want, the internet is replacing radio for new music discovery. I can hear the same songs over and over plus, 10 spots in a row or click a keyboard and mouse and find more music, plus I can chat with similar minded people all over the world. I’m 48 and still like new music, survey that! Plus with wireless looming, radio’s problems are going to multiply. Imagine every dashboard internet enabled and capable of tuning 500,000 music sites and radio stations. It won’t be perfect, but it’s the future. Radio listeners 12-34 have unplugged. Radio’s future are not listening like they once did. And is a dead horse.

A jock or computer playing music to the masses, radio listeners, is in the past. Those days are history..

The music industry put it right in radio’s face and the only people who are upset are radio guys out of touch like Bob Niel and a few bloggers who have nothing better else to write. Other than that nobody really cares, it’s a bunch of nothing.

My advice learn a new trade or skill set, a plumber maybe. it’s honest work and you’ll always have a job.

Rick Wagner of said to congress: “The reason didn’t move towards hybrid vehicles sooner, is because he didn’t think gas prices would peak so high.

Mr. Wagner is a car guy with the most industry experience and congress thinks this guy should be fired. This guy is out of touch.”

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