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Geraldo Rivera Blames Hoodie for Trayvon Martin’s Confrontation, Is he Right (vid)?



  1. I think Mr. Rivera is completely out of line, giving Zimmerman a “valid” excuse in shooting the young man. Let’s be completely honest here, George Zimmerman committed a hate crime, point blank. By, Mr. Rivera stating that Black and Latino kids should not be wearing hoodies is wrong. The “hoodie” is NOT “as responsible for Treyvon Martin’s death as George Zimmerman is”. If racism is dead, than why is it that white children can wear all clothes without being questioned, but colored children are only limited? It is sad to hear Mr. Rivera raid the clothes his son wears just so he can try and be someone he’s not – white. Mr. Rivera, you need to be more comfortable with your own skin, and realize something is definitely wrong here. Realize that your reaction to this issue is wrong; most important, stop trying to find an excuse to why Zimmerman shot this young man. This was a hate crime, not a hoodie crime.

  2. Geraldo makes a valid point, however, the onus in this particular case isn’t on Trayvon. The culprit, in this particular case is Zimmerman. The negligence is on the Sanford Police Dept. and them “following procedures” in drug testing Trayvon-as he lay dead; in doing a background check on Trayvon-as he lay dead; in taking the statements from Zimmerman as actual fact and changing witness testimonies. The cover up by not IMMEDIATELY releasing the 911 tapes and muting out the racial slur(s). Whenever a crime is perpetrated by most any ethnic group other than blacks, we have to “get all the facts”. When blacks are the perpetrators, they are usually guilty until proven innocent. This weekend on Twitter, tweets pointed out that Michael Vick was jailed because he knew people who fought dogs. Someone threw powder on Kim Kardashian and got locked up. This guy followed Trayvon, with a gun and Trayvon ended up dead and “we need all the facts” before this guy is even arrested……..only in Amerikkka!

  3. All I can say is BS..we as citizens can choose to wear what we want that is Why we have the freedom to buy whatever clothes we choose to wear..Gearldo..take it and shove it..just because u have on a suit..u May be a spy..should that give a person a right to come and shoot u..No Some people should really think before they speak

  4. I think he’s somewhat on pioint. People think out the box, unfortunately at time negative people hide behind the hoody. Unless your at a track meet or in the gym just walking around town as an african american or latin we need to be extra cafe use some common sense hoodies to me depending when, where, and why is a no no.

    As an African American Mom my 23 year old son knows the deal and accepts the negative view it brings as an african american male he has to think of his actions 10x more and play it out and it’s sad but he”s fully aware of the dangers in the streets. This is just a precaution method but a sick individual is always going to be a sick individual.

    Would you advise anyone to take a walk in the Park alone at 3am not at all without giving them some precautions. Then why would you apply the same methods to an article of clothing that can be look upon in different way’s unless.

    If you seen a individual walking down the street with a hoody on you look twick and depending on the person shade of color your spidey senses might kick in and say danger. Now if you see that same individual where an hoody and bouncing a ball or have on track meet clothing you qucikly loosen up. Which is Sad but the Truth

  5. I think Geraldo makes a valid point! He doesn’t make an excuse for Zimmerman. He clearly states Zimmerman should be invested and persecuted to the fullest extent of the law. He is generally speaking about the negative concept of colored people and hoodie’s. There is a stereotypical thought when you see a black or latino in a hoodie. Geraldo even said he tells his own “dark” son son not to wear a hoodie so this was clearly his thoughts on the hoodie matter long before the Trayvon Martin murder. You don’t have to agree with him to understand what Geraldo is saying. Not gonna say I agree but I feel what the man is saying 0!

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