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Frank Ski Uses Radio and Industry Leverage for Notable Reinvention


 “Black promoters will pay a celebrity $5,000 to $10,000 to make an appearance for an hour and only pay the DJ $250! And there are many DJs that will take that $250 per night!”

A few years ago, walked away from a job that he had held for more than a decade: The morning show host at (V103-Atlanta). There were no prospects as far as jobs. Ski just wanted to make a change that would move him closer to his goal of doing syndicated radio. He ended up doing a stint in Washington, D.C., at WHUR while still living in Atlanta. He then returned to Atlanta to reboot. He sold his popular restaurant, went through some personal life changes, and returned to V103 this time to do part-time and fill-in work. However, while not disclosing his current deal with V103, Ski says he’s as busy as ever, appearing all over social media, traveling, and being involved in many events in, around and outside of Atlanta. 

When you left the morning show at V103 some time ago, a lot of us were scratching our heads. You were determined to get a syndicated show without another prospect when you left. Why did you make a move like that?

Faith! God was speaking to me. My number-one feature had always been the “Inspirational Vitamin.” And for a very long time, I had been telling listeners they needed to trust God and walk in faith. I knew God had more for me.

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