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Former Radio Station PD Ordered to pay former Business Partners over $700,000 for Diverting Funds

TonyQA Delaware court decided that former radio PD Tony Quartarone needs to return over $700,000 in profits to his former business partners/investors. Industry vet Quarterone and the partners/investors formed QC Communications (Delaware radio station Kiss 101.7) in 1996 and he was terminated from the corporation as well as the board in 2012. The investors state that Quartarone was diverting profits via an additional company he formed, Q Media, where he claimed to be an industry consultant to artists. The partners state they don’t believe Quarterone’s claims from evidence on invoices and by the station’s playlist.  Part of Quatarone’s services he claimed, was to tell artists what format was best for their music. Quartarone’s former partners state he formed the side business outside of their corporation to bill promoters for consulting services to divert funds for himself which was a breach of the original partnership agreement.  Since that time, Quartarone’s former partners state his company was never legitimate because he has not been consulting artists since his termination from the station. BTW, Quatarone was in the national news a couple of years ago for banning Singer/Actor Tyrese from the station for pointing out there were too many liquor stores close to the children’s schools in Wilmington on the air.

UPDATE: RFFocus has heard from Tony Quarterone, he has forwarded the dismissal of the case to us. “STIPULATION AND [PROPOSED] ORDER OF VOLUNTARY DISMISSAL WITH PREJUDICE PURSUANT TO CT. CH. RULE 41 Plaintiff and Defendants, by their undersigned counsel, hereby stipulate and agree, subject to the approval of the Court, that the above-captioned action is hereby DISMISSED WITH PREJUDICE pursuant to Chancery Court Rule 41, with each party to bear its own attorneys’ fees and costs.”

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