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Former Employee Writes An Open Letter to Cathy Hughes



An Open Letter to

Dear Ms Hughes:

As the Founder of , the nation’s largest African American broadcaster, I have admired your unprecedented accomplishments for close to thirty years. While starting my career in Washington DC, I watched and listened to you for years during your humble beginnings at WOL-AM. In the late 80’s, I will always be grateful for you hiring me to program WMMJ, your first FM outlet.

Our accomplishments during my tenure at WMMJ continue to be the highlight of my career. Rising with a weak signal in a competitive DC market, Majic 102.3 was the third in the country to adopt the Urban AC format. Taking WMMJ from a zero market share to the number 4 AC spot, in a mere nine months, was the catalyst for what now makes you the dominant force in urban radio.

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  1. I applaud you for not being afraid to stand up and say something!!! It’s about time someone did, when are we going to march on washington about this!!!!
    KUDOS to you, we are an intelligent race and have been made to look like idiots on TV and Radio!!!

  2. Brother…that was BEAUTIFUL! I have been WAITING for someone with the COURAGE to say what you just said! Never-mind the issue of Payola and the fact that the labels are PAYING to have our ears bombarded with the nonsense! Never before has radio been so unapologetically vitriolic. More power and praise to you! We need more and from those that are currently under the rule of iHeartmedia (formerly Clear Channel) & Radio One…..more needs to be done!

  3. My brother I am so glad to hear you say it like it is and not being afraid to speak the truth. Thanks for standing and speaking out!

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