Former Background Singer for Beyonce, Tiffany Monique, Drops 100 pounds

 width=“My personal story begins with weight loss, but the song was written to inspire a confident progression towards any dream, goal or endeavor a person may have. It’s about men, women and children turning dreams into “

Inspired by her nearly 90-pound weight loss, singer/songwriter Tiffany Moníque officially released a new single entitled “I Feel A Spark” to digital outlets worldwide on Thursday, September 22, 2011. Tiffany, who is most popularly known as one of “The Mamas” ““ background vocalists for pop superstar Beyoncé ““ cites struggling with her weight for over .

“I was small as a teenager” says the singer, “but started to adopt unhealthy eating practices in college and things spiraled out of control from there.”

The singer gained over 100 pounds in a ten year period and began to see its affect on her self-esteem, career and health. By changing her mindset, educating herself on healthier eating practices and adopting a more active lifestyle, Tiffany has dropped almost 90 pounds, ten dress sizes and transformed herself into an inspirational icon. Her new single, “I Feel A Spark”, expresses her of this achievement.

“I Feel A Spark”, written by Tiffany Moníque and produced / composed by “Kwiz” of Digital Khaoss Productions, was released Tuesday under the duo’s independent imprint, Rhythm 252 . Tiffany describes the song as an energetic “call to action” that caters to varying . “My personal story begins with weight loss“, say Monique, “but the song was written to inspire a confident progression towards any dream, goal or endeavor a person may have. It’s about men, women and children turning dreams into realities“. The dance track deviates from the typical renderings of Tiffany Moníque, whose previous releases classified her as an RB/Soul artist. Nonetheless, the singer believes “Spark” accurately captures her transformation, energy and state of mind. “To break down barriers within yourself and reach new heights, you have to be willing to do things you’ve never done”, said Moníque. “I Feel A Spark” can be purchased through online music retailers, including iTunes and Amazon, or on the singer’s website, .

Tiffany Monique‘s musical career spans over 15 years having lent her talent as background to several popular including Mariah Carey, Kenny Loggins, Christina Aguilera, Ledisi, Jill Scott, Regina Belle, Carl Thomas and Mya. She has performed as background vocalist for Beyoncé for 5 years and participated in the superstar’s 2007 (“Beyoncé Experience” ) and 2009 (“I Am…Sasha Fierce”) world tours as well as the 2011 (“4″) promotional tour and Glastonbury performance. In 2007, Tiffany was featured on National Public Radio’s “All Things Considered ” of “What Makes A Great Backup Singer” and shared her knowledge and experience as a background vocalist. Her debut EP as a , Nemesis, was released to digital outlets worldwide on June 15, 2010. Her first video, Nemesis, was released via YouTube on July 30, 2010. The , directed by Monstar Films and produced by “Kwiz”, was shot in Tiffany’s hometown of Newark, NJ and in Brooklyn, NY. The video for Nemesis can be viewed on YouTube.


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