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FINALLY!!: Ebony Eliminates Long Standing Management, Effort to FINALLY Update

There now 2 historic events taking place in . Obama being the first black president and FINALLY updating their magazine!!!! Gloray! I don’t give a FOOK if gets pissed at me for printing this but that magazine is SOOOOOOOOO dated. I have not read it since 1968 and I was basically a toddler then (laugh). It’s about time they brought in some new fresh blood hopefully they will give them the freedom to bring that magazine up to date….. Would someone tell them Dorothy Dand ridge is dead… Please work on JET too!!!

Three long-stand ing editors at Ebony and Jet magazines accept buyout offers

Lynn A. Norment, Walter Leavy and Malcolm West, three of the four managing editors at Ebony and Jet magazines, are accepting buyout offers from Co., the affected journalists and others at the company told Journal-isms. “I’m excited!” said Norment (above), 56, who has been with the privately owned publisher since 1977, arriving from the Commercial Appeal. Norment served on the board of directors of the National Association of Black Journalists for six years, and chaired both ’s 25th anniversary celebration in 2000 and its 1997 convention in Chicago. She has also been president of the Chicago Association of Black Journalists.

Johnson Publishing did not respond to a request for comment about the buyouts, which staffers said were offered to those whose age and years of service added up at least to 80. But last February a spokeswoman said, “Like most other publishers, we are experiencing a downtrend in advertising revenue, while production, printing and fulfillment costs have all increased. We have made some changes for greater efficiency of operations which resulted in the elimination of a few selected positions and some layoffs.”

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