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FINALLY, Black Radio Hostess Audrey Chapman Explains why 44% of Black Men Never Marry


audrey-chapman-headshot-200a102306Kudos to WHUR’s hostess/Therapist for telling the truth. I have to add here many black men don’t have an example of what marriage is, we didn’t grow up with fathers. If 44% of black men never marry, it has to damn near be DOUBLE that for black men who don’t have a parental relationship with their children either. Many brothers, that I know, blame the child’s mother for that. (Lawd, I can see the comments coming in now)

If you are black and love someone – or hope to love someone – who is black, this meeting was for you. “We were better off finding a partner during the slavery period,” Audrey Chapman told the stand ing-room-only crowd at the “Single Women, Unmarried Men: What Has Happened to Marriage in the Black Community?” session at the Congressional Black Caucus conference last week.

Marriage is good for people, said Ms. Chapman, an author, licensed family therapist and host of “The Audrey Chapman Show” on WHUR 96.3 FM.

On average, marriage means two incomes, even if one is smaller than the other, she said. Marriage means the father is in the home, which is good for the kids. Marriage means men are healthy because their wives “have a vested interest” in keeping them in tiptop shape.

And yet, statistics about the black family tell a stark story. Although for generations the vast majority of black children were raised by their two parents, this measure dipped as low as 35 percent in 2004 and today is about 40 percent.

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