Fifteen-Year-Old Producer Miguel "Migs" BaezaReleases Ashanti Track: "Let’s Do Something Crazy,

New Jersey, USA…Move over Pharrell. There’s a new wunderkind producer in the studio. He may be just 15 years old, but Miguel “Migs” Baeza has already worked on tracks featuring such superstar artists as chart-topping, Grammy award-winning R&B singer and hip-hop sensation Flo-Rida. That track, “Let’s Do Something Crazy,” will be the first single from The Vault. The debut album release from AJM Records, The Vaultfeatures 13 tracks of un-released material. Migs was hand picked to produce “Let’s Do Something Crazy.” “It was incredible being the producer for the song,” says New York-based Migs. “It was challenging, but I wanted to be inventive and create a hot track.” To say Migs knows his way around the studio would be an understatement. Music is in his heart–and his genes. His parents, Della Britton-Baeza and Mario Baeza, own and founded AJM Records, which has had collaborations with everyone from Irv Gotti of The Inc. to Island Def Jam Recordings to Universal Records. From the age of 13, Migs knew music was his calling. “I had gotten my first keyboard set and I was just hooked,” says Migs, who also plays guitar and drums. For a while, Migs led a rock band made up of other teens before he decided to expand his musical reach by producing. It didn’t take long for Miguel to become known for his unique beats. His production skills have already started to create a serious buzz on the musical land scape. Migs has the unique ability to hear an artist and produce a track that fits seamlessly with their style and their voice, while adding just the right twist to turn it into a hit. “I like to create songs that have both the artist and my sound combined,” says Migs. “I want the music that I create to be a true collaboration between myself and the artist.” What makes Migs’ story even more amazing is that along with creating some of today’s hottest tracks, he is an excellent student in school and a talented musician. “I think it’s important to be well-rounded. Music is my passion but getting an education is top of the list,” says Migs, who aims to follow either the footsteps of his father, grand father and two sisters by attending Cornell University or maybe he will attend Princeton, his mother’s alma mater. To get it all done, Migs sticks to a strict daily routine with three to four hours of scholastic studies but Migs admits when the musical muse hits him, it’s uncontrollable. “Sometimes I just have to lay down a beat and put everything else aside,” says the producer, who’s looking to put is own stamp on the music world. “I like a lot of different kinds of music, from Rock to Rap to R&B and Pop to Latin Rhythms,” says Migs, who is of Cuban descent. “I want to create music that bridges all these sounds and to eliminate labels. Good music is good music”
Migs also wants to create a new kind of image for young men in the music business. “I want to show you can be educated, articulate, clean cut, yet still create crazy beats and produce good songs,” he explains.

Miguel “Migs” Baeza: A young man on a musical mission. Check out his latest creation, “Let’s Do Something Crazy” by Ashanti featuring Flo-Rida.