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Fanther Fridayz! 1/28/10

A chick that likes to rock and drink …Now that’s my kind of chick! She totally needs to ditch the boy friend, though.

Meet Abbie

1. Name, and where ya from?
Abbie, 25, !!

2. Second favourite heavy metal band?
George Thorogood even tho he’s not metal!

3. Favorite Steel Panther song?
Sexy sexy santaaaaaaa!

4. If you could name the next Steel Panther album, what would you name it?
Appetite for P*#sy 🙂

5. Most memorable heavy metal moment?
Everytime I see Steel Panther is so memorable bcos I wet my pants.

6. How did you discover Steel Panther? Describe that time.
My bf told me about Steel Panther and I was like hey that is sooooo stupid ohmygod I love them!!

7. Describe your perfect date.
My perfect date would be with Michael Starr drinking beer and screwing in the pool at Ceasar’s Palace, making so much mess that people would be cleaning it out for .

8. Which member has the biggest “member”?
Defo Stix Zadinia

9. Why does heavy metal rule all music?
Heavy metal is all about looking good and rocking out with hot guys. And beer.

10. If you could tell/ask Steel Panther one thing, what would it be?
Fancy meeting me at Ceasar’s ??

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Stay bitchin’

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