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Fans Petition to Remove Steve Harvey from Station to Bring Back Tom Joyner

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Not Off to a Good Start

There is a petition going around Western New York to remove the newly added Steve Harvey Show from WBLK, a station owned by Townsquare Media in Buffalo, New York. Harvey’s show started March 1st and listeners are already responding with a petition to bring Tom Joyner back (>>link<<) the show he is replacing.  Sources state the station’s management decided to remove Tom Joyner after being approached repeatedly by Premiere Radio Networks. [We need to look at the station’s ratings in the coming week to see why the change took place but industry sources state Joyner’s show was actually doing quite well]


WBLK was started in 1964 by local pop DJ George “The Hound Dog” Lorenz. For over 50 years the station has enjoyed a rich history as a successful behemoth outlet for Buffalo and several parts of Western New York. The station’s signal also bleeds into nearby Niagara Falls. Some of the nation’s greatest jocks and the most respected programmers worked for the station in the past like WBLS’ Skip Dillard, the late Byron Pitts, Carol Blackmon, Chuckie T and many others.

Harvey’s show is syndicated by Premiere Radio Networks a Sherman Oaks, CA based company affiliated with iHeartMedia. Premiere Radio also syndicates shows like: Ryan Seacrest and shows with the deeply controversial hosts Rush Limbaugh and Fox News’ Sean Hannity.

Tom’s show is owned by Tom’s own company Reach Media and the largest black owned radio corporation Radio One which syndicates urban radio shows like Yolanda Adams, The Rickey Smiley Morning Show and DL Hughley. Joyner’s Fantastic Voyage Cruise, “the party with a purpose” is about to sail at the end of April. The cruise helps raise money for historically black colleges.

Harvey’s radio show  has recently been involved in a controversy when he gave questionable advice to a black female listener whose letter was featured on a segment of the Steve Harvey Morning Show “Strawberry Letter.”  The woman indicated that she thought she may have been sexually assaulted by her boyfriend while asleep after he had sex with her and she was unaware of it.  We will keep you posted on this story. #steveharveybuffalo #steveharveyboycott See story on Steve’s former manager no longer working with Steve


  1. From Buffalo ny. And I’m not happy at all with the removal of TJMS FOR Steve Harvey. It’s boring I can’t listen one minute before I turn it off the commercials are the best part of the show. Please bring Tom joyner back. Who thought of that dumb idea?? Should’ve asked the listeners

    • I totally agree…. I hate it …. TJMS had me jamming & laughing every morning …. I now listen to XM radio in the am bc it makes feel better and pumps me up !!

      • I agree, please bring tjms back. I am listening to my xm as well. Tom have you laughing on your way to work in the am. I cant take that gay dude voice..Steven….Steven. Im like wtf is that

    • I agree with you, the same thing happened here in Greensboro NC, so I started streaming Toms show from the internet. No disrespect to Steve Harvey cause I am actually a big fan of all his shows and of his standup comedy. But the radio show is boring. And after all the years he’s been on the air nothing has changed. The strawberry letter segment is stupid and uninteresting, Tommy lives vicariously thru Steve and loves to brag to much, and his prank calls have gone to far he’s gonna end up truly hurting someone one day with that. Melvin whines to much and is nauseating to listen to. I think you get my drill! Nuf said!!!

    • I am reading some of your comments, and it is sad that some of you are bad mouthing Steve Harvey, he is going hiss things, if you don’t like listening radio show turn it off but stop bad about people, Let me ask any of you do you have an radio show no so leave Steve Harvey along. I Love You you are going an great job on your radio Show and T.V.

      • I agree leave the man alone he is hood at what he do just turn your dail up or down as Steve would say it is your choice.

  2. I love Steve too. He has ffive things going. He does not need to take over Tom Joyner’s DJ at WBLS.

    He has the Steve Harvey talk show, the kids show that’s coming up soon, Family Fued, (really funny). the reruns of his sitcom and he’s a DJ on WBLS. Based on the amount of money Tom Joyner has donated to HBCUs, he should have any DJ job he wants…..$65million. Who else can say that…might be others, ….let us know.

  3. he’s out of there! he always have an answer for everything and he is so judgemental! never did like him. he thinks he a big shot because he comes to harvey and gives away a few turkeys. he’s the biggest turkey of them all! bring back the fly jock asap!

    • I agree with you rj. Harvey is out there with his self-proclaimed relationship expert self. I’ve noticed that most of his following are black women who swallow every opinionated word he tells them and are still single and ain’t got no man and won’t get one if they continue to listen to his bull sh_t. If he’s getting in trouble for giving mis-advise to a woman who was raped by her boy friend then that’s good! She needs to get proper counseling and advice from someone professionally trained in that profession. Not a comedian! Harvey is WAAAYYY in over his head trying to give that kind of advice. He has no college degrees in psychology to back up any so called advice he puts out their. But, of course, he’s too full of himself to see that and he knows he has legions of single black women who will swallow every word he puts out there. I’m a happily married man of 28 years to THE SAME LOVELY WOMAN! Not married three times like Steve Harvey is.

  4. I am so disappointed with WBLK. Steve Harvey is good at many things but not radio. His show is boring and his characters are annoying. The rating for the morning show has to have went down. We miss TJMS!!!!!!!

    • I agree when he took over KJLH 102.3 the Stevie Wonder station all the good music stopped and Steve made it all about him he talk too much and is full of himself.
      I used to listen to the station every morning on my way to work then all the talking giving advice on things he knew nothing about. I thought Shirley Strawberry was the best thing about that show, and Brian McKnight, who played more music .
      Kevin Nash I love he has the right idea.
      As for this radio station bye cause ratings will be lost. Just listen how Steve turns everything about him so tired of hearing him, but I do watch Family Feud?

  5. I love Steve Harvey. please don’t take him off .. . I live in Charlotte and there radio station is Boring and Lazy..they don’t interact with the audience of listener .. They need some lessons asAp.. They Making Charlotte tired with they Lazy music.. They play the same 5 songs over and over again.,. Technology today got people messed up .. Your losing your audience .. I rather listen to Pandora

        • Steve Harvey sucks in Charlotte just like he sucks everywhere. Most of the time all you hear is his cast laughing at his lame jokes before he even get them out good. Hell just shoot him.

    • Your right Sharon I live in upstate south Carolina Charlotte stations are boring they need a all black gospel station and quit playing 5 songs a hour and 30 minutes of commercials I like tune in radio try WHUR at night time quiet storm 55 minutes of music 5 of commercials.

  6. The Steve Harvey morning show leaves a lot to be desired!!!! The #TJMS Is way more informative. With segments from the likes of Don Lemmon, Rev Al Sharpton , not to mention the the right mix of jokes & music, it’s just better programming.. That southern dialect & satire doesn’t go over well in a NY market.. Simply put my mornings are a lot less pleasant as of MARCH 1st!

  7. Hate the Steve Harvey morning show, give us Rickey Smiley or Tjms but Steve is out. He plays a better music selection but he doesn’t get me going in the morning…and cousin Tommy ain’t neva eva been funny!!! ????

  8. From Buffalo, New York bring back TJMS. Steve Harvey morning show is boring and has to look many commercials and co-host are annoying.

  9. Please bring Tom,Sybil, Jay,and huggy lowdown back. Steve Harvey is boring and judgemental!!! I miss my 8:30 fix of huggy lowdown!!!

  10. Steve Harvey sucks his show need to be taken off of wblk asap if they not going to get the tom Joyner morning show back then don’t put nothing in that time slot!! Nobody wants to listen to Steve Harvey & his crappy crew he has in the morning!! The ratings should be very bad cause I know I no longer listen to wblk in the morning I listen to am 1400 so if they don’t bring back the tom Joyner morning show back I will never listen to them again!! Who’s dumb ass idea was it to bring Steve Harvey boring garbage ass on in the first place?

  11. From Buffalo,New York Bring back TJMS WBLK call themselves the people station but are far from that I left a nice disapproval of the schedule change on their Instagram page (WBLK) they deleted my post and blocked me from their page smh

  12. This is marquita weeks I love your talk show and and the radio. Please don’t take it away from him I live in Va I am a fan of your. We love you

  13. I like Steve but his morning show is as boring as the sky is blue. My morning commute just isn’t the same anymore. I don’t get air high fives from folks at red lights because I’m laughing so hard and I don’t go into work cracking up laughing at something Huggy Lowdown has said anymore. Bring back Tom Joyner!!!! Please and thank you.

  14. We want the TJMS back, i miss laughing on my way to work, now im just annoyed. Why was Tom Jorner taken off anyways?

  15. I can’t stand the Steve Harvey morning show! I lie Steve as a comedian and actor but radio is not his thing. The show is boring and we don’t need to hear about his accomplishments anymore cause we already the story. Bring back TJMS!

  16. Actually I told BLK a long time ago, that morning radio personalities, should be local. Number one Buffalo is so small and two local personalities would know what’s going on in our community.

    Syndicated radio is for large cities, with more than one urban radio station, so listeners can have a choice!

    Think about it with local DJs in the morning people can actually win contests, call in to say hi, see these personalities in the grucery store etc,

    Buffalo is not a major city and by WBLK being the only urban station, they should make better choices.

  17. PLEASE bring back my morning radio talk SHOW Ricky Smily im a nurses aid and every morning im riding around from house to house working at different patients house and the mornig show keeps me going with a smile.


  19. Another mistake being made to replace Tom Joyner with this coon. Nothing but negroistic buffoonery coming out of the Steve Harvey camp. It’s imperative that Joyner remain.

  20. I really would like the TJMS, show back. Steve is good at a lot of things just not the radio. If Tom cannot come back ask the people what they want, its called the people’s station for a reason I’m guessing!!


  22. I like Steve Harvey but there is no one like the morning show with Tom and his morning crew . Please bring them back. My morning has not been the same. I just can’t get into the grove of the new show. The sound of the voices turns me off. I won’t be listening.

  23. I have never been so disappointed as the change from TJMS to The Harvey show here in Greensboro NC, no longer is the morning ride work fun! The skits are too long and not that funny! The Harvey may be better suited for the evening ride home. But at the age of 60 Tom in more informative ! I am sure you would make a lot of people between the ages of 45 to 65 which is the folks that I think have the money!

  24. Give me the TJMS Steve is funny at times but we need to be informed about issues of the Black community and I love Huggy he’s funny but also informative

  25. This is stupid neither one of them are complaining just u the listeners, and by the way both of them are on radio as we speak tom is on another station.


  27. I listened to Steve and Foxhole (Jaime Fox Show) on satellite rafio and they both were terribly boring. I love TJMS…thats thd only time i really enjoyed morning radio.Tired to give it a chance!! Since this poor choice of change with WBLK..i havent tuned in!!!! TJMS APP and Pandora is what i listen 2!!! SMH…POOR DECISION ON WBLK PART!!!!!?

  28. I’m not a,fan of Steve Harvey, the show is boring and he is too self righteous for me. I love Tom Joyner, he is the best!

  29. I live in NYC and I wish they would take Steve Harvey off of Wbls he’s annoying and so is his morning crew nobody wants to hear yelling and silly comments

  30. I like both Steve and Tom but I agree Tom show is better and less judgemental. The characters are not that funny. I live near Orlando and Steve took this one over from Tom also so am just wondering how much more can he handle.

  31. If it comes down to a choice between Steve or Tom…it is Tom….ALL DAY LONG,Steve doesn’t have it, just that simple…Tom has you interested in ways that Steve can’t relate to.

  32. If it comes down to a choice between Steve or Tom…it is Tom….ALL DAY LONG,Steve doesn’t have it, just that simple…Tom has you interested in ways that Steve can’t relate to.

  33. TJMS was taken off in DC, and Chi-Town (Chicago) as well and there is no comparison to any of the other stations they have put on, I can only speak for myself, friends and family members that I have spoken to and we will not listen to any of the other radio hosts but TJMS!

  34. I hope the people that are complaining are the ones that keep the radio locked on when Tom is on I hope you call in when they have contest I hope you buy the products and services that are offered on his show ….basically I’m saying if they can get better ratings and more money for ada then it’s good it’s business

  35. Whose going to murder a hit?? No one can but J Anthony Brown and how will we know who’s the bamma of the week???? We won’t!!!!

  36. Honestly – Steve Harvey has to go. He has basically tried to transition his talk show over to the radio and it doesn’t work. Aside from the fact that he is coming off as much too preachy – he is just very boring. Bring back #TJMS – he made my drive to work enjoyable and information. As of last week Tuesday – no more BLK for me.

    Get rid of Harvey!

  37. So not feeling the Steve Harvey show. His crew is annoying and topics are not relevant to anything. Please bring back Tom Joyner. Always found him, Sybil and Jay a good mix for the morning ride into work.

  38. Please leave Steve Harvey alone! Really alone.. Yep, all by himself.. Repeat same comments from others must be true.
    Boring , know it all, judgemental. Sidekicks ok, but overall dry. Tom Joyner show kept you anticipating especially huffy lowdown. Be smart, listen to the people who listen or they will stop listening like I have….

  39. Nothing personal against Steve, but the show is hard to stay engaged. Its not a show that gets you up and out in the AM. Just not right for Buffalo folks.

  40. What a big mistake !!!! Here in Alabama we had both, I listen to Tom for many years and enjoy every minute of, but than Steve came on the scene, which it was okay for some, but I never stop listening to TJM. What a BIG MISTAKE. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. From up here in Toronto, I used to endure the static to tune into TJMS on the way to work. It made me laugh and put me in a good mood; ready for the day. Since March 1st, I say ‘turn up the static; tune out the Steve’!

  42. Steve Harvey morning show has gotten so boring, not funny and obnoxious at times trying to make a joke fly. I’m in Florida and I wish he would change up his approach. Nephew Tommy is not funny at all, anymore.

  43. We had both shows for a little while in Kansas City. Steve didn’t make the cut. They went back to local d.j’s on the station Steve was on, not even another syndicated show.

  44. I listen to Steve Harvery in the morning. However, the first fifteen minutes I don’t because some of the things he says you can hear anywhere. There are times when I laugh out loud all the way to work, and then there are times when I look for another radio station. I’ve never listened to TJMS, so hopefully the right decisions are made for the good of all. I use to listen to the RSMS, but they took it off in Detroit. I was mad about that.

  45. To all the heaters, y’all messing with the wrong one. Do y’all understand y’all setting Steve up for his next big break. Steve is a child of a very powerful God, who will not allow you all to hate on his child and not reward him. Steve is where he is because he was placed there by someone who wanted him there, it just didn’t happen by mistake. My advice to you all is to find another station until you realize Steave has moved on because until the man upstires gives Steve another assignment he’ll be there. You may not liked his advice but that is not a reason for you to try and take His job. Did you ever think Tom wanted to leave and offered the slot to Steve?? Everything is not about you the listeners because if it was about you your opinion would have been asked.

  46. It’s my opinion but I think Steve Harvey has gotten the big head. He has his hands in several different projects. Tom Joyner wasn’t hurting Steve Harvey. GREEDY that’s all. I guess he thinks he has the MIDEAS TOUCH. Everything is not turning to gold. People want you outtttttttttt. Your radio station is in conterversay. SH your arrogant, an your cocky.

  47. Hell, or even Russ Parr,TJMS, Ricky Smiley. They are actually funny gets down to meat and potatoes of topics. The whole praise Steve lets build him up anfhe’s doing the most for folks is a foolishness. Dry as hell corny as I don’t know what and no info on other things other than his ventures.

  48. I’d rather have Tom Joyner back also. Why in the world would they take off tom. Steve I really really like but not as a radio personality and he suck at being the host of family feud he’s not funny…sreve keep making movies and Wblk bring back Tom Joyner

  49. Why is it people dont get the big picture…you need to find out why Tom Joyner show was taken off and by whom..

    I love both these men and they have given back too the community’s more than once…and have no problem in using their own money to do this. So let thank God for them being aloud to having a voice. Because with out there voice on radio station what kind of news and music would we be listening too.

  50. Please bring back TJMS. His show is intellectually stimulating without it many black folks would not be up on current events in many areas. Steve Harvey has his place in media but not for replacing TJMS. I truly think that when education and opinions of US as a people affect “OTHERS” it becomes a threat. And the systematic dismantling begins. I hope and pray with the cryouts from the public and Tom Joyners long list of supportive and influential friends the TJMS will be back on in every city in the union stronger and better. IN THE NAME OF JESUS.

  51. I was hoping to listen to the Super Tuesday analysis from Roland Martin and Don Lemmon. Then all I hear is Steve Harvey.!!


  52. Tom has cheap comedians that are not even funny! Come on y’all!…. Chris Paul, & Huggy Lowdown???? The Only one funny is Jay & he’s gotten too old!!!

  53. The same thing happened here in Louisville Kentucky same reaction everybody thought Steve Harvey Show is boring. After all the complaints and petitions our local station here in Louisville, Kentucky finally picked up Tom Joyner station we’re glad to help the TJMS back. Sorry Steve, love the family feud and his daytime tv show, but please give up radio.

  54. hey just bring tom joyner back please….steve is killin us with his long ass life talks that nobody wants to hear.

  55. I love Steve harvey, I stopped listening to Tom Joyner to listen to Steve, if there was a choice to be made, get rid of that tacky russ parr……Once russ is gone then everyone can resume to their original place.

  56. Why hate on Steve, Steve has a boss that makes those decisions, his boss has a boss & so on. Steve goes along with the flow, makes his money and takes care of his family like everyone else does! It’s a job! The same thing goes for Tom. Tom should of fired his manager for not having his back! Tom’s boss didn’t have a game plan!

  57. I agree with most people But Tom Joyner did speak on mostly important black issues on his radio show and he was more entertaining and don’t get me wrong I love Steve Harvey but in his place

  58. Please bring back the TJMS. I’m from Canada and my husband and I are so disappointed. Steve Harvey is boring and self-righteous. He should not be giving relationship advice. There are tons of us north of the border that feel the same way. You are losing listeners on their morning commute.

  59. Steve Harvey is not hitting it with a lot of us here in Buffalo, N.Y., he needs to stick to telling jokes and that game show. A lot of us turn to am 1400 until 10am.

  60. Not a fan of his radio show at all. For Steve Harvey to give out relationship advice, he can’t go by his own experience in relationships, how many failed marriages has he had?? Enough said..He is sickening with his preaching and advice giving.

  61. Please bring the Tom Joyner Morning Show back. The Steve Harvey show is boring, disjointed and lacks quality and preparation. It does not compare to the Tom Joyner. The devoted listeners of WBLK deserve more. I no longer tune it WBLK 6-10 in the mornings. Leave the radio for the real disk jock’s.

  62. You know you can listen to tom joyner without him being in your market by simply going to a stations website that carries his show…think outside of the box
    -Bobby Rox (Washinton DC DJ/Radio Host)

  63. I haven’t tune in to WUFO im quite some time but when I found out Steve Harvey toll over walks Tom Jorner show that’s what o went back to. Steve Harvey sho is so flat and ignorant when they read those letters. Bring back TJMS

  64. I really agree with all of the listener comments the Tjms show is by far more informative, beneficial to the targeted market in it which represents.

  65. I must say I’ve started listening to Tom most mornings compared to Steve Harvey..So much laughing and talking and being silly…Shirley laughs at everything he says and really it’s not that funny.

  66. I need TJMS back on, it sad that the people who ever they are, is making us choose against to very good Africa American men against each other. I just need TJMS back on in Buffalo New York. Thank-you very much.

  67. They took TJMS off the air in the Chi about 2-3 years ago and replaced it with Steve Harvey. I hate the show it is so boring that I now listen to books on CD. I wish it was some way to get TJMS back…. Good luck buffalo you will need it with Steve Harvey

    • Well I have some good news The Tom Joyer Morning Show will be back on May 9, 2016 on an 1080 Wufo, there is a radio God.

  68. Can’t listen to Steve Harvey – it’s so dry, not to mention commercials… I only now tune in to wblk after 10am. Bring back TJMS

  69. I agree, I tried listening to Steve Harvey show every morning when I wake up but Steve Harvey show sucks! Bring Tom Joyner show back to Buffalo a.s.a.p!

  70. I agree Steve Harvey morning show was very boring and his jokes was corny need to stay with family feud. Tom Joyner is the best morning show

  71. I totally agree with the masses, the Steve Harvey radio show offers nothing. I have been a faithful WBLK listener for many many years and being from Canada, it has always been my connection to superb black music, news, information and entertainment. I thank “The Hound” for his hindsight, but please, please bring TJMS back, my mornings haven’t been the same since he was removed.

  72. Please bring the Tom Joyner Show back in the morning. Steve Harvey is not funny and does not play good music. Not to mention, the characters he has on his show are lame and a waste of time. Tom kept us informed with the news while making us tap our feet to the music and Jay Anthony Brown and Sybil Wilkes kept us laughing without a whole lot of effort. They didn’t need a skit or have act to be funny. Please, please bring back the Tom Joyner morning show in Roanoke, Virginia 97.7 vIBE FM.

  73. Steve Harvey is boring in a.m. TJM show needs to be bought back. Steve is ok but, not in the a.m. Tom GOT PEOPLE TO WORK! STEVE PUT ME TO SLEEP. CUT IT OFF! WE ALL MAKE A MISTAKE, BRING TOM JOYNER BACK. ITSALLGOOD

  74. Get rid of both Tom Joyner and the Steve Harvey Morning shows and replace them with more interesting, informative, and intelligent black radio hosts. I cannot stand to bear to listen to either show from my car radio first thing in the morning. They all speak flat and country with poor grammer. They joke and all of the time and sound like buffoons. They are not discussin nothing worthwhile and cannot even play good R&B.

  75. They are holding black people back. They should be emphasizing the seriousness and importance of how black adults should work harf to educate young black people. Education is power and they cannot make a difference

  76. Hi everyone! I think Steve Harvey Shows is very interested to me.very impressed for a hard working man,and he been struggled in life.came to this far.He lives Good with his family has money.I watch his show.

  77. Anyone that loves tjms must love RATCHETness.. he’s boring and HE talks to much and his voice is annoying and he’s DEFINITELY NOT FUNNY… STEVE HARVEY IS SO CREATIVE HE’S ALWAYS BRINGING NEW LIFE TO HIS PROGRAM AND HE never FORGETs about GOD….

  78. Started Listening to this station only when Steve was there and because of him, regardless of how many shows he is working on. They made Switch to Tom……and that was it for me…TJMS is boring and corny as hell….

  79. I did have mad respect for the Steve Harvey morning show but learned that Nephew Tommy is NOT Steve’s nephew and the lady they call Tommy’s mother is just a character act!!! I approached Steve’s relative while in a restaurant in Atlanta during the Hoodie Awards and asked if the lady with her was the sister Steve calls on the show and she informed me of the deception- SHOCKED!!! So, as I was so easily convinced, so are the single ladies that follow his advice on relationships. And, because he has so many irons in the fire, his absence from the radio show seems to be quite frequent. Listening now and hearing a repeat of yesterday’s show; so disappointing. Love Steve but I flip to TJMS when I want to hear something informative and serious and those who don’t get an attitude with callers when they don’t agree with your opinions.

  80. I personally find “The Tom Joyner Morning Show” more informative & entertaining than “The Steve Harvey Show”. I think the people in control of programming should take the time to stage a “call in” where the listeners choose between the two who they would rather listen to. I think Tom Joyner would definitely win outright.

  81. Yes please bring back TJMS, Stever Harvey is soo soo boring his cast is alright this week without him I can listen to the show but when he is there its all about him so annoying.

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