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Everybody Hates Chris is Done

 width= Rock’s show has been pulled by the CW per Rock before the 5 season begins taping (wouldn’t the 5th season have secured syndication rights for the actors to make money for years to come?). Rock is currently working on a movie


  1. “Tragic!!!” as Mr. Omar would often say, first “Girlfriends” now this??? It was doomed when they moved it to Friday nights Kev. Black folks go out on Friday night!!!!! I’ve been down with “Chis” from day one, it had it’s growing pains but it was good to watch and great to see some good black actors get an opportunity to shine again. Now I’m stuck with Ray J/Making the Band /College Hill reality crap (sorry) garbage shows…well at least the characters on “The Game” won a championship before the good ‘ole CW says times up…

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