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EPIC Record’s President Sylvia Rhone Talks to RFFocus about Radio and Music

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For our successful 2nd annual “Celebrating Women of Color in Media,” we were honored to have Sylvia Rhone participate and got a chance to talk the Epic Records president about her thoughts on the current music industry. 

Sylvia Rhone is an industry icon.

She is the President of Epic Records and her history in the industry is inundated with enough success stories to fill this entire magazine. Her legacy has made her one of the most respected executives in the music industry. She has worked for several decades in an industry where most careers last 20 years max and she’s still energetic and excited about the future of the industry as she continues to orchestrate the hits.

In an industry that has seen a drastic shift with streaming and digital concepts, we wanted to get Sylvia’s perspective on the changes. She rarely does interviews so it’s an understatement to say we are honored to have her chime in for this special magazine edition of RFFocus Honoring Women of Color in Media.

Some think that radio is a dying industry, your thoughts?

I’m not sure the existing research model of radio is sustainable in this new environment. Streaming platforms have the ability to produce data-powered feedback instantaneously and make it easier for fans to discover unknown artists and explore new music. Radio must adapt to this constantly evolving landscape that can now be curated by the listener, or it will face tremendous challenges in the future.

What are three of the first pieces of advice that you would give a new artist?

Aspire to be an artist that can help lead the culture – music has the potential to influence every corner of the globe. If you deliver something authentic and original, you’re going to make an impact. A new artist willing to share their emotions and vulnerability can still illuminate the truth in ways we never dreamed possible.

Be true to your vision – create music you can stand by. Don’t be representative of a brand or music space that you don’t believe in.

Don’t avoid the work – there are so many layers to success and unlimited platforms to develop a fan base. The energy and excitement of bringing that first song to the world is like no other feeling you will experience. Enjoy it!

“Streaming has come of age; we’ve embraced innovation, and now understand the consumer better because of it.”

Epic recently moved the Urban offices to Los Angeles. You have worked in NY for many years how are you adapting?

Last fall we relocated to Los Angeles, which is experiencing an exciting music business renaissance. It was important for us to establish a presence where the creative community can be accessed on so many levels. We are the only Sony label headquartered on the west coast, which we feel provides us with a creative and competitive edge.

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