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Elton John Record Collection Reveals Hidden Treasures

PATRICK & PATRICK CPA'S ELTON JOHN RECORD COLLECTIONJeanine T. Patrick, of Patrick & Patrick CPA’s reveals that twenty years after Sir sold his record collection at a Sotheby’s auction to raise funds for his Aids Charity, a thorough inventory has uncovered that not only is the Collection much larger than originally expected but a wealth of surprising treasures have been unearthed.

The Elton John Collection, sold by the artist to fund his Aids Charity, was originally believed to consist of 50,000 items. In actuality, the personal collection, which the artist enhanced with the purchase of legendary BBC Producer, Bernie Andrews personal collection; contains more than 70,000 items consisting of singles, albums, 8 track cassettes, compact discs and unique studio tapes.

The Collection was created from the artist’s prolific personal record purchasing, personal gifts and material from his record company Rocket Records. Especially notable are singles from his youth, signed as Reg Dwight and in sleeves he customized with newspaper and magazine clippings from artists of the time.

“The richness of the collection clearly reflects a passion and curiosity for all genres of music. It is not only comprehensive, but arguably a definitive portrait of the 50’s through the 80’s and possesses an enduring value and importance. With the Collection’s rarities, unique editions and historical releases, I can’t imagine there is another collection quite like it in the world,” said Stephen M. H. Braitman of musicappraisals.com, the Collection’s appraiser.

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