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Eddie Long Accusers Risk Remaining Settlement: Writing Tell-All Book

accusers Jamal Parris, 24 and Spencer LeGrande 23 are risking the balance of their settlement money from to write a tell-all book about what took place. The two were among the four cases initially filed against Long last fall.

Wow, this is actually a move. I’m willing to a major publisher has approached these two about and offered them an advance that was equal to or greater than the remainder of the settlement money. Even if they lose the remainder of the settlement money they have an opportunity to double or triple it by writing this book. It’s a win-win for the accusers and it puts Eddie Long in a very compromising position. If he ups the ante he will look even MORE guilty and the other accusers may come forward for more money as well including Centino Kemp, the cross-dressing hidden accuser who is said to be the very reason Long settled so quickly. If Kemp comes forward, he alone could blow the lid off (no pun intended) Long’s increasingly wavering credibility. This could be never-ending for Long and his family and in this video these two state they are going to disclose explicit details of the sexual .

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