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Ebony Steele Exits Rickey Smiley, Replaced by Claudia Jordan


936full-claudia-jordanSources state Ebony’s exit will be met with an opportunity for actress Claudia Jordan who will join the cast of the Rickey Smiley morning Show.

EDITOR’s NOTE: We’ve known about this for a minute but instead of just reporting it we wanted to talk to Ebony which we didn’t get a chance to do at press time. We get why The Rickey Smiley show is making the change from a marketing perspective but sometimes the industry is just too damn political and I don’t know how many times I can warn urban jocks about their futures (or the lack therof) in the industry. Ebony Steele is an AMAZING jock with a great voice. We really wish her well in her endeavors and if she leaves radio, we certainly can’t blame her. (bottom pic: Claudia Jordan)

Ebony Steele’s Statement on Next Steps and Rickey Smiley’s Response

(Dallas, TX – July 10, 2014) – Today Ebony Steele released the following statement on her blog and social media .

I will be leaving “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” as of today. I feel so blessed to have been part of such a special family for 7 great years and have so enjoyed radio, TV, and my association with Reach Media, and Radio One.

Here’s a hint on what’s next! I am going to do something that I have always wanted to do and it involves expanding my entrepreneurial interests. I’ve always taught females that at some point in their lives they have to spread their wings take a risk on faith and grow. No matter what! Now it is my turn to lead by example. It is equally exciting that I am likely going to be able to pursue my dreams right within the same radio family… It is my vision that my new endeavors will allow me continued contact with you, my loyal fans… Stay tuned and stay in touch.

Your girlfriend,
Ebony Steele

Rickey Smiley responded here:

After 7 years with “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show,” our girl Ebony Steele is moving on. We’ll miss her wit, charm and funny personality, and we thank her so much for everything she brought to the show. She will always be part of my radio family.

CEO of RF Focus, Radio and Music Industry Veteran. Radio DJ, Programmer, Musician and Voice Talent. Graduated from Performing Arts in Buffalo, N.Y. and worked at the legendary KKBT (92.3 The Beat) during its nationwide heyday in the early 90s. Also worked for Stevie Wonder at KJLH.


  1. Thanks for this I was really wondering what was going on with the show, I love Ebony and will miss her humor and input on the show…

  2. I like Ebony… and I applaud her for spreading her wings and getting out there on the entrepreneurial tip. I cannot imagine Claudia as a radio jock. Aren’t there some experienced female jocks out there? I mean, someone who ahs studied the craft? isn’t that what’s wrong with radio these days (or at least one of them?) .. I am sure Claudia is talented but she is no Ebony Steele… Nonetheless, Good luck to everyone involved..


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