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Duracell Powermat Launches New Commercial with JAY Z

Today Powermat officially launches their first-ever spot, part of an integrated marketing campaign that encourages New Yorkers to ‘Never Be Powerless.’ The commercial, which features renowned music artist and entrepreneur JAY Z, the new Duracell Powermat 24-Hour Power Systemâ„¢, a wireless charging system that provides power at the ready at home and on the go. The spot also serves as an introduction to Duracell Powermat’s Wireless Power Nation — a series of out-of-home wireless charging “hot spots” in key venues throughout City, including JAY Z’s exclusive 40/40 Club.

About the Commercial
Showcasing a day-in-the-life of a busy New Yorker who needs to stay connected around the clock – with his iPhones acting as lifelines for work and play – the commercial makes the point that battery power barely lasts through lunchtime ““ however, those who utilize Duracell Powermat never miss a beat, even as they hit the town for some late night fun. The 60-second spot, which was filmed throughout New York City, showcases this constant power fix and culminates at JAY Z’s own 40/40 Club, outfitted with Duracell Powermat Wireless Charging “˜Hot Spots.’ In the final moments, our hero has a memorable run in with JAY Z himself, who is awaiting a call from someone very close to him.

About JAY Z’s Involvement:

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