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Drive Thru Interview with Up and Coming Phenom J. Peguero

JpeguWe’ve all heard of the Charles Dicken’s classic novel, “A Tale of Two Cities.” That same aforementioned title has taken on a new connotation as it serves at the title of rapper, J. Peguero’s current project that features his hot new single, “.” I must say that I had a speaking with the born, J. Peguero as we talked about what it means to grow up in , how moving to changed his mindset about the music industry, and how he and other independent artist stand out in the over saturated market of hip hop. Check out our Drive-Thru Interview with Mr. J. Peguero and you can find out more info about this up and coming phenom at www.jpeguero.com

RFFocus : I read that you were raised in Brooklyn but you felt guilty about leaving New York to move to Miami. What was it that made you feel guilty about it?

J. Peguero: Only because when you are a New Yorker, you have a lot of pride. It’s New York! If you are from there and start to claim another city, NY will let you know. By that I mean my family and friends, they let me know by telling me not to forget where I come from and things like that. Also, it’s the Mecca of hip hop and I’m very proud of that. I get a lot of my music knowledge from New York and just culture in general. I have a lot of respect for Miami as well because my music is influenced by me living here as well.

jpeguRF: Tell us about the project and the entire concept behind your current project, “A Tale of Two Cities.”

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